Sunday, March 20, 2016

Baby #3

Well...I should maybe write a few things about this pregnancy before I have her! 2 weeks till her due date...crazy--but I think I am ready! Jesse not so much just cause he's so busy with work (last day of a show today)...but some times I wonder if it really makes a difference..ha! (he's always busy) Anyways I feel like I haven't wrote anything about this pregnancy-and maybe I have and just forgot. 
So I found out I was pregnant right before I went to Utah back in August or September I belief. I never actually had a period after finishing breastfeeding Gavin around the year mark (in June). With Corbin I got my period back around 6-7 months but it wasn't consistent so I was really surprised that I got lucky and never had one. I did worry about getting pregnant though but thankfully it didn't take too long!:) So with no period I can't really say when I for sure got pregnant I was taking pregnancy test every so often in hopes I was pregnant once we starting trying but I don't know how long I was actually pregnant when I got my first positive so we had to just do measurements at the doctors to have a estimated due date.
So of course I couldn't keep it from my mom too long and then Candace and Courtney figured out when we went on the Narrows trip because I was around 6 weeks along and a little nervous about how I was going to feel-energy levels and nausea and everything else. I got lucky and all that fun stuff started the week after I got home so I believe I was around 7 weeks where exhaustion and feeling pretty crummy all the time hit. It lasted till about week 14.

 I thought it would be fun to keep it a secret for a while since we live in Vegas and its not so obvious with how I'm feeling and looking ha! (but half my family already knew) So at 14 weeks we went to an ultrasound place to see if they could figure out if we were having a boy or girl and we were getting quite anxious to tell Jesse's family and the rest of mine. I was in complete shock when they told me it was a girl! Super excited but in complete denial because I was pretty certain I was having a 3rd boy! Jesse and I both had the feeling we were having another boy and I thought it was Heavenly Fathers way of not letting me be slightly disappointed or worried about getting a little girl. I joked with Jesse saying we are going to keep having kids till I get a girl because I just can't imagine not having one-especially with my mom and I's relationship. The ultrasound tech said she was 100% sure it was a girl--but not being my doctors office I still questioned it but tried to believe it! ha! At my 20 week ultrasound it was confirmed it was indeed a girl and from then on I have been enjoying buying girl stuff! I am totally a thrift shopper and love to find good deals on clothes! I can't get myself to buy full price when its so expensive for baby clothes. Baby girl clothes are definitely fun to buy and might be a little addicting but I feel like I have done pretty good not to go overboard--and I figured I saved quite a bit my getting second hand things. Now lets hope she grows on track cause I've bought 0-12 month stuff now! :)
I told multiple people that I might be one of those moms that just feel good pregnant. During my second trimester I feel like I am the most emotionally stable. I have learned, over the last couple years, more about nutrition and other things which I do believe helps but I think breastfeeding and my hormones really are hard on me and I fight the fact that I struggle with feeling emotionally balanced while breastfeeding. I realized since we got married that I was on birth control for the first year--made me totally not myself and emotionally not stable--then after finally getting that out of my system I got pregnant with Corbin, then I breastfed for the year, then got pregnant with Gavin, then breastfed, then pregnant again--I wonder when I am done having kids how my hormones will be and how I will feel haha. I am really praying that I will feel ok after this baby and not be so up and down. When I look back I really think I might struggle with a bit of depression but nothing too extreme more of lack of motivation and a bit of anxiety of feeling like everything is overwhelming-even the small things tend to feel just overwhelming and hard...but I am pretty sure the hormones and lack of sleep have a lot to do with it.
So overall again I can't complain about this pregnancy too much-I would say that I have had probably more aches and pain than the other two here and there...and I do have a few more stretch marks but being the 3rd pregnancy that doesn't surprise me. She tends to get in weird positions for a day or so where I get super uncomfortable and feel huge but then its like she moves back in and I feel normal and fine again. So somedays I feel like I must be further along and I might go early and then there are other days where I don't feel that big and now I question if I will go past my "due date".
I tend to snap chat a lot of random belly pictures mostly to my mom--and I started doing it as a "bun in the oven" type picture-so I have a good amount in front of the oven. haha most these pictures are quite lovely...I figured I should start saving some to have documentation...or I should take some better pictures which would be a better idea ha!

My friends Roxana and Kate threw me a cute baby shower a few weeks ago! It was fun to get together with all my friends I have made here! And Roxana is the queen of throwing a party or shower and does the cutest job decorating!
Brittany Halterman, Jen Jones. Jennifer Nolan, Danielle Swint ,Roxana Anderson, Kate Brown, me, Anna Doyle, Lisa Pike, Katie Foote, Tiffany Welch, Kristina Cox