Friday, April 26, 2013

Corbin is 11 months old.

This past month of April when people have asked me how old Corbin is it made me think that I could say he will be one next month..which is crazy for me to think about..but at least its at the end of the month! ;) 
The most exciting thing that happen this last month is something I had been waiting for for 10.5 months. Corbin went the whole night without feeding! I know sounds ridiculous. But I mean from 8pm to 7am. I usually have to feed him around 5:30ish and then he wakes up anywhere from 7-7:45 but the day I woke up after 7 and realized I never fed him felt so good. Even though he technically has been sleeping through the night for a while as far as how much time I still wanted to celebrate that I didn't have to wake up to feed him!...but he has not continuously done it now. We are working on it because I definitely know he can-I'm pretty sure its out of habit to wake up. He has never been the best of sleeper so this was a big deal to me even though it sounds pathetic to some maybe being 10.5 months old and all! He also has had some longer naps which is unusual but highly enjoyable for me to get a few extra things done! You can get a lot done when they sleep almost 2 hour! ha :)
He usually wakes up the second I walk into the room but he was out!
Corbin is full of energy right now...and I know its only the beginning with him being a boy! He loves to be outside crawling around and eating just about anything...he has only had a few handfuls of dirt..oops. He loves balls...He loves to throw things especially down the stairs or off the counter or anywhere that has some height.
Loves crawling around outside
Favorite toy right now! smiles the whole time!
Easter eggs are still out because he loves to play with them
Throwing balls off the banister
 He loves to stand up on the benches at church and grab his toys and just throw them over the back! Church is now pretty exhausting by the end of the 3rd hour trying to keep him entertained and happy and that fact that he wants to crawl all around. It's hard to find the balance of staying in the room or having to go out because he is just noisy even when he is happy playing he just tends to yell or bang on things! Oh well, thats just how it will be for many years to come! :)
He recently started screaming high pitch when he wants something and I must say it's not my favorite..if anyone knows how to stop it I would love some advice. ha! I know it will just come with time I am afraid. He hates getting his diaper changed and its a fight with everyone because he just immediately rolls over or crawls off! And getting dressed he's not too fond of if we are hanging around the house I will let him enjoy the nakedness! :) He also still loves taking baths..again the nakedness he enjoys! :) and splashing in the water! (I'm excited to take him swimming)
This is what diaper changes look like..little stinker
pouty face.
my caption for this "but I don't wanna get out mom"
umm..he might need a bra??..ha
Everything in his mouth or thrown down the stairs
He still loves to go up and down the stairs and is now fast at it. The only problem we have is that he doesn't understand how to turn around at the top...he knows he can't go down head first (from experience) so he will scream at the top of the stairs and I help him turn around and then he zoomed down the stairs! Also, I don't know why, but he is loves dirty diapers and its so disgusting! Lately I throw them out of the room or down the stairs so I will take them out to the garbage (since they have been stinking worse) and he immediately goes after one if he sees it...gross.
This is what he looks like when he frustrated cause he doesn't know how to turn around to go down the stairs.
again..streaming at the top of the stairs.
ok so I didn't mean for most of that to sound negative about him-he can just be a little stinker sometimes! But I sure do love him and wouldn't change him! His personality is so fun. I can definitely tell that he understand more now. And I am pretty sure he knows the word no..even though he laughs and still does something with a smirk on his face.
He loves attention from people and likes to show off! One day while we were out shopping he would yell at people-to get there attention-and as soon as they would look at him or talk to him he just puts his cheeser smile face on. He now knows how to stand up in the cart so I put him in the big section of the cart so he can stand up because those straps for sitting down in the cart are not the greatest...
He is cheesing it all the time now and it can be such a goofy face especially with his funny teeth. He is a happy boy for the most part but I can also see his stubbornness coming out because he knows what he wants. He still likes to have my full attention and makes sure we are in the same room most of the time. He does now wander off and get into things so I have to keep a closer eye on him. He likes to get out of the house because there is only so much to do here before we both get bored of just cleaning and playing with his toys..or I should say with my stuff. We have fun together! :)
obsessed with touching the laptop
He knows he is not suppose to touch that.
just reading
emptying the drawers
playing in the kitchen
helping me load--or he is unloading--the dishwasher
getting into anything he can..
made him sweep up his mess.
He sure does love his Dad! He prefers him now over me when he is home! He pushing me away with his hand-its kinda funny. I think its because he misses him all day and he loves to roll around and wrestle with him! They are cute together!
wrestling with Dad
Entertaining him can be a little exhausting...
wearing goofy hats
He still is a snuggling boy and I feel like even more this last month. He is always cuddling up to me and laying his head on my chest or shoulder. He lies down on me and I tickle his head or back and you can tell he just lays there and enjoys it for those few seconds till he is on the go somewhere else! ;)
Oh and have I ever said he loves to eat?! He loves to still fed himself and it sure gets messy!..we are eating a lot..which is maybe why I have so many pictures of him eating..I might have taken a few too many eating pics but he cracks me up.
Preferred to grab them out of the can by himself and not eat the ones I put on his tray.
He eats a lot of cheerios as I clean the dishes or make dinner..
trying to feed me.
Just some cheerios stunk in the hair
I didn't make him eat the spinach he grabbed it out of the bag...
Getting a little messy eating black beans
He loves strawberries!
These faces.
This face..he could be either happy or upset'll just never for sure know.
And if I don't already have enough pictures can't leave the rest out from this last month..
Lounging while eating a banana..He LOVES bananas and downs them fast!
Riding on Uncle Matt
Hanging out with Grandpa Eddy
Oh I love my little Corbin! :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

update on life lately..

I am slacking on my "journaling" and thought I should do an update on life...but really there is not much to update on. But I thought if I sat down (during Corbin's nap) and maybe thought about it more I could find a few things to write about. I try to do little updates on us (Jesse and I) since I have been pretty good about doing monthly updates on Corbin! So, this will just be boring nonsense blabbering on...
Well, with Jesse of course he is busy working..thats basically his life right now. They recently switched back to the "summer" hours which means on days he closes the earliest he gets off is 7. Makes for long days for Corbin and I..and I feel bad when I have to put Corbin down for the night before Jesse even home. He is enjoying his job as a sales manager though and definitely works hard for our family! His days off are still Thursdays and now that the weather is getting a little better hopefully we can do some fun things together..if not Jesse enjoys relaxing at home. (and not doing yard work).
As far as updates on me right now in life...well I just noticed that my marathon is now less than a month away. Oh boy. I must say though that this training has been not as dreadful as last marathon training and I don't know if it's because I have already ran the distance so every time we do longer runs its not the longest I have ever it doesn't seem as bad? Or maybe I am in better shape this time? It definitely was a lot harder getting back into shape after having Corbin..went from barely being able to run a block or two without dying to last Saturday we ran 20 miles..(well we didn't run the whole time) I know I do weigh less which I can tell a difference and am happy about. And I have been trying to eat healthier so that could help with running as well? It's funny because I usually only run once a week on Saturdays. Sounds like good training huh? But now that the weather is a bit nicer I maybe will run one other time during the week. I do workout videos though so that at least gets my heart rate up! I am enjoying running with my Mom and friend Ran. That is what keeps me running! :) With those long runs we definitely have to find things to talk about! I still have not put any music back on my i pod...I better before the race comes.
Christopher, my Mom, and I after a run one saturday together.
I also have been playing soccer around twice a week..on a womens league in Kaysville and coed in Woods Cross. It feels so good to play. So happy that I am able to still play and enjoy it! Thanks so Jesse for allowing me to go play and watching Corbin..well I usually put him to sleep before I leave. :)
So, I have been trying to work on my craftiness side..or homemaking skills I would like to call it. ha! (sounds a little more mommyish.. (; ) If I am going to do a craft it has to be fairly easy and not too time consuming because it usually has to happen when Corbin is sleeping...and I don't want it to cost too much because most the time I end up not liking it and wasting money then. ha! And I usually figure out that they don't turn out how you imagine them but you have to at least start somewhere and try..

A while back my mom was starting to make a quilt for my nephews birthday and she made me think that I  could possible make one as well for Corbin's crib. I am not a sewer at all so I had no idea what I was doing (I was happy if I was able to sew a straight line). So it was kind of a big step to take on a project like a puff quilt but I did it with my mom helping me with each step. I must say I felt accomplished after it was done and never would of thought I would have been able to...and possible even kind of enjoy it...
It's a pretty "bright" quilt I know..but I guess fun for a little boy??
I made a bed skirt and a valance for Corbin room. I stained his crib, changing table, and dresser as well because I didn't like the light oak color...that was quite the project since it was my first time using stain and I definitely learned what not to do. I have never decorated his "nursery" since we moved right when he was born and I didn't have time or energy to at our apartment we move into. I had a few safari/jungle animal type things so I decided to try to go off that theme...but slowly lost interest and didn't do a whole lot with it. (also him getting close to being one..decorating a nursery seems a bit funny to me) I also made a shadow box with some of the sentimental things like his hospital stuff and birth announcement and his blessing outfit.
valance to match the quilt..a bit cheesy I think still..Oh well.
after stain
Crib with the darker stain
the shadowbox.
Well, I guess I had a little more to say then I thought...