Friday, August 30, 2013

Weekend Vacations and Half Marathon

Jesse was able to get a few days off from work and I definitely wanted to take a little vacation somewhere. We thought about going to a national park and go hiking and camping but then with my mom and I signing up from Top of Utah half marathon we decided it would be easier to just spend a couple days up at the Cabin in Bear Lake and we invited my family to come with us!
Our little trip started out a little rocky because as we were leaving Thursday morning we noticed the boat trailer was having some issues. We drove by Jesse's Dad's house for him to quickly check it out but a couple hours later we ended up leaving with the jet skis instead because basically the boat trailer breaks were broken. I was a little sad at first because I am such a boat girl. I love wake boarding and tubing behind the boat. But I can't complain that we still had jet skis we were able to take and I'm safe to say my family enjoyed them. So once we finally made it to Bear Lake and dropped our stuff off we headed to the Lake. My sister suggested going to North Beach, which we have never been to before but it ended up being way nice over there as far as for the kids. Its way shallow for a good 50 yards so you don't have to worry as much. We hung out at the beach and jet ski'd all afternoon.
Corbin loved playing in the sand..he was in Heaven...but he decided to eat it by the handfuls as well..ugh
Curtis sun bathing
look how dirty he is from all that rolling around in the sand..
Then these boys started a mud throwing war....thats when I was ready to leave. But check out that form of Matt's...
Friday we took the side-by-sides up the canyon on a nice four wheeling ride. My sister Courtney, Ella, and Corbin stayed back at the cabin for naps. ( Thanks again (: )
My brother-in-law Christopher was on the look out for moose the whole time..and he spotted some half way up!

Friday night my Mom and I headed down to Logan to spend the night there for our race in the morning. We went to Kneaders for dinner and tried out the Chocolate coconut bread pudding. and Oh my! Delightful. I didn't think I really cared for bread pudding but this stuff was good..try it out if you haven't. That night my mom was worse than a 14 year old girl having a slumber party. She was on a sugar high you can say. Just giggling away. But thats why I love my mom. I love that we can be best friends and enjoy each other so much.
We woke up bright and early Saturday morning and went to our race! It was my first official half marathon. I didn't really know what to expect but I was hoping for around 1:45 because during my marathon in May I ran past the half marathon mark at 1:50 so I thought I could shave off some time. But then again I don't feel like I am in as good as shape. The race started and as usual there is too many people to really start running at a good I got a little behind but my goal was to try to stay with the 1:45 pacers. I finally caught them I want to say around mile 5. But before the race my stomach started hurting a little but I thought it was possibly just nerves. Then every few miles it would bother me but then go away. This might be too much information to share but I debated on stopping at one of the porta potties but I didn't want to go the bathroom during the race if I didn't have to because of course that takes time and I felt like I was going at a good pace and didn't want to stop it. At mile 9ish I debated again and I decided against it because it wasn't way bad at that point. At mile hit me..and it hurt. I had to start walking. It was so hard and sad to see all these people passing me as I walked. My pride couldn't take it and I started slowly jogging again but in pain. ugh a stomach ache during a race is awful! I really started to worry about where the next bathroom was...but then there was a maverick. Yes I had to run off course and go to the maverick. Sad and embarrassing. But at least I know I wasn't the only person as other racers had to as well. After I got out I was disappointed because I knew I was behind where I wanted to be now. I passed mile 11 and I told my self I can run really hard for 2 big deal..right? You gotta love when you think you are running pretty fast and you look down at your pace and its like a minute/mile slower than you want... By the last mile I started kicking it in WAY too soon. Like a 6:45 pace once when I looked down but I really wanted to beat 1:45. Those last miles we hard. But I did it! Half Marathon in 1:43. I was happy. And then at the ceremonies when I hear the 75 year old man got 1:43...haha! Anyways besides my tummy really hurting, even after the race, it was still a good one. Sometimes I question why I push myself so much when it comes to races. I hate them during but I guess feel accomplished after.
we look lovely before the race even started...
Saturday night we drove back home and Jesse's work had a little retreat where they paid for a hotel for us down in Midway. So we drove to Park City that afternoon and planned on riding the Alpine Slide and Coaster ( I have never done it before) But it started raining while we were in line and they shut them down sadly. But we will go back these next couple weeks hopefully and do them. We went over to the outlets and shopped for just a bit for Jesse but didn't get anything..typical. ha We went to dinner that night with a bunch of people from work to Ruth's Chris. MMM one delicious steak but oh so pricey! :) It was a good little get away but I think 2 nights in now the longest I have been away from Corbin. I tried not to think about it and worry but I think I did call my sister Candace who was watching him like 3 times each day to check in. ha! It was a refreshing little get away just the two of us though!
and we only took one picture...not my favorite, but it was so pretty there on the golf course eating breakfast.

County Fairs.

The good ol' fair. Well, I must say I think the state fair is a little better than just the Davis county fair and Weber County fair. Last year was my first year to the fair and we loved it at the State fair...county fairs just don't compare I guess. But we still have fun going of course. We went on Jesse's day off and man it was HOT! We looked at the animals, kids played a game, ate lunch and we were done for the day! ha...not really for the day because the night we went back with our friends..and basically just ate a bunch of food and hung out. But thats what you do at the fair right!? ha! We didn't ride the elephants... I know how often to you get that chance? well I couldn't get myself to pay $16 (For Corbin and I) to have the elephant walk in a small circle and thats it. I told Jesse he has to take me to Thailand someday and we will ride the elephants some other place like that but I really want to go to Thailand someday! :)
Corbin really loved all the animals!
Please notice my gangsta drivin son..
just like one of them..
Classic..."say cheese" picture
Don't know why is wanted to eat all the sour cream..but it made a mess.
and If I didn't already have enough fair time I decided to go back again with my sister...I figured it free fun for Corbin.
He was intrigued with the camel.
He decided to cool off by the fan with the other animals.
and we had to catch another ride on the ghetto fair rides.
The fair will be a good little tradition each year! :)