Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thoughts on the virtual world.

These thoughts keep coming to my mind lately and it seems like more frequently lately. I think in today world it can be easy to get caught up in the virtual world and let it wear on you. First off...yes somedays I spend way too much time on the internet either on my phone or on my computer...and I do not like it. I find myself checking Facebook or Instagram too frequently because I am bored or really not necessarily bored because I have plenty to do but now just out of habit of wanting to see whats going on, or just because its right there. At least the first step is to admit it...shamefully. Now I just have to take the next steps of not consuming my time with it...which I don't think it is a bad thing to be able to have free time to check a few things out but its just when it gets excessive. 
Anyways back to some of my thoughts. Well, sometimes being able to see others and what they are doing, the fun they are having, the nice things they have...etc. then jealousy starts to kick in...and Satan is able to have an effect on me and tell me "You aren't as good as them".."you aren't as pretty as them" "you aren't as skinny as them" "You don't have many friends" "You don't do fun things" "Your house isn't as good as theirs" "You can't keep your house as clean as theirs" "You don't dress your kid as cute as theirs"...etc. You get the point. Yes I start comparing....basically that my life isn't as good as the next persons. It's unhealthy and its exactly what Satan wants. He wants me to feel bad about myself. He wants me to consume my time doing wasteful things making a negative effect on me. I don't think its going to effect me but slowly it does without me even noticing at first. 
I am come to my own conclusion that
 1). Like I said earlier, need to limit my time in the virtual world 
2). I need to know and understand people are posting and sharing things that are exciting to them. They want recognition-just like I do. They want to share those moments or exciting things or just there life with others not to make others jealous or envious. Most of the time people don't want to share about the things they are ashamed of or their imperfections..(but yes sometimes those are shared as well).
3). I need to focus more on the things I find most important. Lately I have thought a lot about relationships and how I want to make sure I keep the ones I have. Not get caught up with wanting to hang out with the cool crowd...is there such a thing now??..meaning sometimes I am focused on being "hip and cool" you can say..and really I just want to be around those people who want to be around me..to have friends that need me just like I need them.  I have sisters and sister-in-laws right around me that I need to take advantage of and strengthen our relationships and enjoy each other!

I feel a bit silly writing this all down..but it helps me really think about it and hopefully be able to change these unhealthy habits. I'm not going to get rid of my Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest accounts...I think they are great. I love being able to stay in contact with people and enjoy the pictures and news or see the new ideas and things that are out there. I just have to be careful and not let them have a negative effect on me. The internet is such an amazing thing but can be such an evil thing if we are not careful.

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  1. You're so sweet Marissa. I loved this, because I totally agree. It gets me down too... I start feeling like I'm not having as much fun as everyone else! and I notice it totally changes my mood. Not good. It's hard to not compare ourselves. I loved your tips - i think I will use them too :) You're a great mom and great person!