Monday, August 5, 2013

Zoo and Rodeo

I am trying to get completely caught up on here but I still find myself doing other things. I think my motivation to keep on up this is lacking because I don't feel like there is much to write about..and I feel like I can print my Instagram pictures and that basically tells our day to day things we are doing. But I think it is still important for me to write on here a few of my thoughts here and there...I really need to start a personal journal again to keep my deep thoughts. I keep saying that..but hopefully I can start soon...
I forgot to document a couple of our outings. Jesse works a lot during the summer so we don't have time to do that much but we do try to go out and do some fun things together every now and then..when we don't have a list of things to get done around here. ha (I still get mad at myself because I forget my camera when we do things...thank goodness my phone has a camera but its still lacking the quality)
Back mid July we went to the zoo with Jesse's Mom and sister Brooklyn and her kids. I always love going to the zoo because I have always had a thing for zoo animals. Corbin was able to enjoy it a little more...but still of course doesn't quite understand whats going on and mostly wants to just crawl around and do his own thing. 
We also of course went to the Ogden Rodeo! We always look forward to it every year! I wanted to find Corbin cowboy boots to wear so bad but didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount because I knew he probably wouldn't wear them much....but i settled with just getting him a cowboy hat which was perfect since he was obsessed with Jesse's! Had to get into the rodeo spirit a little bit! :) and whats the rodeo without a lot of sweets and treats! we had plenty with the popcorn, snow cone, nuts, lemonade... :)
Another successful year at the rodeo..even though we stayed up a bit too late for Corbin. He was out before we even got out of the parking lot...poor guy was so tired by the end. Summer has made for some late nights for us-and he usually still wakes up around his 7-7:30 time. Good thing he still will take 2 naps right now though! It makes it hard to run errands but I still need both naps to get things done! :) (like writing on here)

We are looking forward to the Fair this year..since last year we had to much fun! And we are hoping to take a little vacation sometime within the next month just to get out and spend some good time with each other! :)

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