Friday, March 28, 2014


Well…another time I should be packing but I can't forget about writing a little about Hawaii. I want to make a little video-but that is going to have to wait…to many other things right now. (you know there is a lot I want to do with making videos or blog books its just time costuming…hopefully I can someday ha)
We left Friday afternoon-right about at Corbin's nap time which worked out well because basically right after we took off he fell asleep. I didn't expect him to sleep to well but I got an hour out of him. (That meant only 5 hours on entertaining him) He did really well on the plane for the most part. We were sitting a few rows up from the rest of the family and he was able to kinda walk back and forth and be entertained by Grandma and Grandpa as well-which was a nice change from sitting on Jesse or my lap. 
Hawaii is 4 hours behind us so we got there in there evening and then by the time we got to the resort we had dinner around 6 and then the kids were all excited to go check out all the pools we passed so I had to let Corbin go swimming for just a bit even though back at home it was close to 11 pm!! I knew the time change was going to be a little difficult but it ended up actually being ok. 
He was running with excitement to go play in the water!
The first morning he woke up at 4:30 am…we kept him in our room till about 5:30 and then decided to go walk the beach for an hour. He was peaceful and pretty though-and I knew it was going to happen so I wasn't grumpy about it! We had the Character breakfast that morning which you go to a buffet breakfast and meet some of the Disney Characters there. It was so cute to see Corbin excited and say "Mickey! Mickey" but then he was a little nervous to go up to him-but then didn't want to leave him (you know how that goes). 
I took some pictures when the sun finally came up around 6:30 that morning. ha!
The only time you see the beach empty!
The whole gang at breakfast.
We spent most of the time just hanging out at the resort in all the different pool area. There was a "pirate's cove" which we called it that was kinda for younger kids and had splashing water everywhere that Corbin enjoyed, there was a splash pad area-where we spent a lot of time as well, a lazy river, slides, and just regular pools and hot tubs, and of course the beach area. So plenty of stuff to entertain us all day long. We would go back to our room and let Corbin nap-which he took really good naps there (the sun and water wearing him out everyday) and then we would come back out and play some more! By the end of the trip Corbin just love being in the water. He didn't care much for the pools at first but I feel like that was his favorite by the end because he loved to jump off the side into your arms! he could do that all day!
We went to some tide pools the early morning as well-but still in our jammies the first day we went and the kids jumped in puddles and saw some crabs and jumping fish. We enjoyed going back to that area a lot since it was so pretty and fun!
We only left the resort one day and drove to the North Shore. We spent some time at the temple and went to the Dole plantation. We could have spent more time around the North Shore of course but its hard traveling with 18 people.
Corbin walked basically the whole temple grounds with Grandpa…counting the steps as they went down them! so cute.
Cute little Huey in his hat.
Corbin was pretty fascinated by the peacock and sadly chased it a little..
We rode the train at the Dole Plantation and Corbin loved it.
nice photo bomb I know… ;)
The only reason why I care to go to the Dole plantation is for the ice cream..
The Aulani Resort was way fun and great for the kids but not really Disney-there were the Characters that would come out around the pools areas occasionally but I didn't really feel like there was other Disney stuff about it-just a good family resort though! We would walk across the street and get something to eat-because the resort was a little pricey with food-but what food isn't more pricey in Hawaii. We were sad to have to leave but definitely enjoyed our time there all together as a family! I didn't cover everything we did-maybe the video will help with the memories (hopefully I get to that sometime soon) Thank You Grandpa and Grandma Jensen! :)
I taught Corbin to spread his arms wide when I say "how much do you love (someone)" and then we say "this much!"
His new thing is pushing the stroller…useless to have a stroller.
One of my favorite views there was from the infinity pool.

Who doesn't love ice cream?
And pina coladas?! (yeah my doctor told me a gain a little more weight this time-I told him well I went on vacation, ate at a little too many buffets, came home ate a box of girl scout cookies, and have the stress of moving!…he told me I am doing just fine! ha)
We tried paddle boarding the last day…Jesse wasn't a fan of it-but then I made him come with me again sitting not he front…I swallowed a good amount of water when we fell off! But I liked it!
The plane ride home was a little more rough to tell you the truth-even though Corbin basically slept the whole time-it was just hard to have him sleeping on our legs. My butt kept falling asleep (being pregnant doesn't help being comfortable) and of course I couldn't really sleep-and most people know I need my sleep. So by the time we got home I was pretty exhausted. Thankfully Corbin slept another 3-4 hours when we got home so we were able to rest a bit! Totally worth it though of course!