Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hotel living and mother-son bonding

So, Jesse had to start work down in Vegas right away and of course it was too hard to move that quickly and have us all down there so Jesse has been living out of a hotel these past few weeks-we are leaving to Hawaii tomorrow and when we get back he will have been living out of a hotel for about a month! wow…good thing as a guy its so much easier-sleep, shower, and go to work. But still I know it can be hard and not the greatest. I went down this last week to visit/search for our home. Last week I went and flew down with Corbin for one day-found a home-and flew back. Well the home didn't go through and I was a little discouraged. I know since we have to move down there I just want it to happen fast now because living away from each other is not the most fun. So last minute decision (which ended up being a very good decision) I decided to drive back down with Corbin (didn't want to pay another $500 for a flight-yikes) I figured it was good to see Jesse and than hopefully find a home before we leave for Hawaii so we can get the ball rolling and get into a home sooner. I was a little nervous to drive 6+ hours with Corbin-someone who hates the car and has since day 1, he's not one of those kids that just sleep in the car. But thankfully he did well overall and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I made sure to pack plenty of food but don't worry I forgot his pack n' play and jammies…and our toothbrushes….but I remembered the food to entertain him with! ha ;) But let me tell you…trying to entertain a kid for 12 hours or so in Vegas when you don't know your way around or anything to do can get exhausting (especially when naps were no more than 30 minutes…ugh)! We spent hours at the park and just wandering around while Jesse was working all day. And thankfully I think I found our home-they gave us an offer so as long as everything goes smoothly with the house inspection and whatever else than it will be ours! And I am hoping it can go fast so it will be soon after Hawaii! :)
going to the basketball game!
we spent a few hours at the children's museum
This nap lasted literally 5 minutes….ugh. But he looks so old in this picture! ;(
playing at the park….for hours!!
chasing the pigeons...
and of course he had to have one of his daily baths and playing with cars….when is it too old to take a picture of a child's bum?!

Corbin and I have spent a lot of time together with Dad being gone so much. But I think I have been very blessed with how things are going. Usually by the end of the day I am exhausted and want to pull my hair out or just need a rest and Jesse to entertain Corbin for a bit when he gets home. But it was really quite bonding for Corbin and I. I think without the stress of worrying about cleaning or making dinner and whatever else I was just able to enjoy time with him. I have had quite a few moments lately where I am just laying there with him and think how blessed I am to be his mommy! I love it!
But I must say I am pretty excited to spend almost a week with Jesse and Corbin in Hawaii! :) yah!


  1. We'll have to come visit and make a trip to the museum.

  2. Chase has asked for you every single day since you left! He handed me my phone and told me to call "mawissa" so he could play with "tobin".