Thursday, December 31, 2015

Gavin 18 month update.

Gavin is 18 months now. Funny how I feel like I kept track of age so much more when you only have one child...I mean you always know when they are 18 months because thats when they go to nursery officially! (even though I was taking him a little before because it was getting really hard with him in the primary room and trying to do music time). I actually realized he was over 18 months when I was debating on making a sick visit appointment for him at the doctors for a rash that wouldn't go away and the fact that he has had a chronic runny nose for as long as I can remember-but then realized I could just make his well visit appointment and not have to debate on taking him in cause I needed! The Doctor says he most likely has allergies and that is the reason for his constant runny nose-I, and others have mention, have not seen a kid with a runny nose more than him. He has no other symptoms really but it is super annoying and of course I look like the parent that takes my child everywhere sick when really I could never go anywhere then. I thought it was just a combination of teething and maybe getting colds but I was pretty sure something else was wrong. The rash was eczema that he randomly developed the last 2 weeks but the doctor said that allergies, eczema, and asthma all go hand in hand. I took him to get blood work done that afternoon to rule out all the major allergies--it wasn't too fun watching them poke him twice and try to get enough blood out as he was screaming..poor guy. Thankfully we figured out that he came back completely clear so hopefully we can get it cleared up--but both my boys have sensitive skin and it kinda runs in the family.

Anyways so a little about Gavin lately. The biggest thing is he is NOT a baby anymore and he does not want to be treated like one. He does not want to sit in a high chair and even fights sitting in a booster chair. He wants to be just like his brother and stand on the chair....and he wants to be just like him in every other way as well when he comes to being a toddler and not a baby. He will refuse to drink out of a sippy cup some days and just wants to drink a regular cup and of course spills it all over. He demands to have silverware to eat randomly as well even though it can be finger foods.
He is starting to talk a lot more lately...even though it is hard to understand him. I definitely can't count or even think of all the things he can say. And I think everything he learns he so cute of course. I know the Doctor was impressed at the 15 month appt (which I think we went more at 16 months) that he could say "Thank you" and "I want that".

Gavin is still the sweetest boy and will cuddle with just about anyone. When you hold him he will just rest his head on your shoulder. He loves to give hugs and kisses! He just has a sweet/nice demeanor about him--for example if he knows Corbin wants some food he will share with him or if I am telling Corbin he has to get his shoes to put them on then Gavin will go get them for him. If Corbin gets in trouble and I tell Corbin he has to say he's sorry to him then Gavin will have his arms spread out ready for a hug! But don't let me fool ya the last month or so especially he has definitely learned to be sassy and feisty. He knows what he wants and knows how to throw a good fit. He will come and grab me and make me follow him to want he wants (usually the fridge ha!) He's learned how to hit back and fight with Corbin. He even has learned recently to hit me and blow his tongue out at me...(thanks to his brother again--not to put Corbin down at all just that Gavin learns real quickly from him--a little copy cat and tag-a-long but thats just what second child does right?)
 He is naughty and will run away from me which he did not learn from Corbin at all. But he does have the cutest little run with his shorts legs and his hips moving and arms swaying! But not so cute when he's running away from me into the street and thinks its funny. He also has learned how to say no really well. He will even put his little finger up and say "no! no! no!" He will also randomly bite me and Jesse and thinks its funny when it really hurts sometimes. This last trip to Utah I think has ruined my good sleeper! :( He used to never give me issues, occasionally wake up and hear him cry when he was teething but I never had to really get up with him at night. He hardly ever gave me issues going to bed at night--of course he would wake up a little too early some days but a child sleeping through the night and not interrupting my sleep is how I like it. This past week he refuses to sleep in his crib and only wants to sleep on me. Hoping to break that real soon. Or I am debating on making the switch to him sharing rooms with Corbin since he slept in there the last two nights (but with waking up a few times)

He loves to go to the park, loves to read books, loves to run around in circles, loves to think he can play on the iPad or wants to stand up on the chair by my computer and watch youtube nursery rhyme videos, loves to shower-especially with Daddy, he is hit and miss with loving the bath tub or not, he loves to play with Corbin but also wants to on his own time, loves to be tickled and wrestled, loves to run around and be wild we Corbin--but it can get a little too crazy and rough and can end in tears but then still goes back for more, loves cars and balls, and of course he loves food. But he still is more of a pickier eater as far as he has a really big sweet tooth and loves everything sweet. He would eat only fruit..(and candy) if I would allow it. He would eat 5 bananas and cutie oranges just for breakfast if I let him. And he will flat out refuse to eat some food and just throw them on the ground. 

He is definitely a goofy child and loves to be silly--its looking like all our kids will be like that. I love this age because there personality really comes out and they start to learn so much--so you feel like your child is really smart when maybe they are or they could be just starting to do so many new things you just feel like that! ha!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thanksgiving time in Utah

I figured I should try to write about our Thanksgiving trip to Utah before we go back for Christmas. (well that didn't happen--so close to finishing this post when my phone went out of me and I couldn't get the pictures off to slowly I will try to update little things)
The kids and I decided to drive out on Saturday because my mom traditionally now just does her Thanksgiving on the Sunday before to not conflict with the split families and inlaws and everything. My Dad and Lezlee were also speaking in church that Sunday so I had two excuses to go up a little earlier than I originally thought. I knew I would drive up before Jesse no matter what since he couldn't really get any more days off besides Thursday Friday and Saturday. We spent a whole week up in Kaysville spending time with family. Courtney, Christopher, Max, and Ella were there as well. We were able to go visit our friends the Hugo's--but sadly Corbin was super grumpy that day! Getting out of our routine at home and spending too many late nights away can really cause my children to be off. And sadly since about the beginning of November Corbin's behavior has gotten worse and worse-I thought it was because we had visitors here then spending time in Utah but it has not stopped and I am beginning to worry...I worry about going back for Christmas and being there a week with late nights and lots of sugar. I just hear to keep being consistent--I just hope our relationship is not going to continue to suffer because of the constant battle we are having-it makes me sad.
Anyways we had a fun time once again spending with family. Corbin was obsessed with my moms new power wheels car and my boys love playing with all their cousins! The Jensen girls have a tradition to go out Black Friday shopping. I am not huge into fighting crowds to go shopping and I of course value my sleep but it is fun to spend the two nights in Salt Lake and have some time shopping without my kids! So I definitely got a little break from them while Jesse was ever so kind to spend his days off watching the boys--or I should say had the opportunity to have some bonding and quality time with the boys...since he doesn't really get that very often! I came back for half the day on Friday because my Dad and Lezlee got sealed in the temple and then we had a little luncheon.