Thursday, November 19, 2015


We love to have visitors--even if my mom might have been forced into it! just kidding. But I was really hating that fact that I was not going to be able to be with her for her 50th birthday. I know we went and hiked the Narrows in Zions for it but you still want the day to be special. I thought about driving up to Utah and surprising her but then realized it would not be good timing as far as I was going up for Thanksgiving--Her birthday being on the 11th. Definitely was too long to stay in Utah and I really didn't like to idea (and it didn't really make sense) to drive back and forth so close. Then my sister Courtney and I realized it would cost me almost the same to drive back and forth than it would just to fly my mom out here and spend time with us! So I decided to buy her plane tickets if she liked it or not--haha ok not really I think she liked the idea just as much! :) She couldn't take off too much work so we decided to have her come over a weekend.
 She flew in Friday night and Jesse and I were able to go to dinner with her. Saturday my sister Courtney drove here and we were able to spend time all together. That night we went to Mystere A Cirque du Soleil show. It was definitely abstract and different but I really enjoyed it and am amazed of the talent people have and what they can do with there bodies--espeically how strong some of the people were! Sunday we went to church and hung out at the house the rest of the day. 
Monday we decided to do one of my moms favorite things and go hiking! We went out to Red Rock at did a hike that Jesse and I had done with the kids and friends before and knew it was pretty good for kids. It was quite chilly at first but once we got closer to the mountain and away from the wind it was pleasant! My mom sadly had to leave back home Monday night--we can definitely never have enough time no matter what haha
Jesse's parent's were in town Tuesday night so we were able to go out to dinner with them! Corbin was quite happy to have another Grandma (and Grandpa) come! But he has been so messed with with daylight savings--still--so he was exhausted and fell asleep while eating in ice cream cone by 7:00. Good thing we will be seeing everyone again Thanksgiving week!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

So we went to Utah...

Sounds familiar right? We tend to take all of our family vacation time to Utah--I have told Jesse we need to plan one last thing before the next child gets here and get out as a family not just to Utah. But this time was for Jesse's brother Matt. We have not been able to watch him play football on the Davis Varsity team at all so Jesse and his brother Jeff found a game that would work that we could all come to and watch and support him! 
I decided to go up a few days early--Jesse originally was flying Thursday Morning and leaving Friday evening--and that is just not enough time for me to fit in seeing everyone ha! The boys and I flew up Tuesday afternoon--yes it is getting a little harder to fly with them by myself, Gavin is at a hard age to want to sit still and between the two of them it is hard to keep them both happy--but it is manageable for an hour flight! We were able to hang out with my Dad's wife-Grandma Eddy that night. Wednesday we were able to go over and spend the day at my friend Kylee's house-it was so nice to get together with friends there and of course makes me sad we don't live there to get together more often especially with our kids the same age. Wednesday night I hung out with my mom after work and I had to hit up the D.I. with her...its kinda our thing. Thursday we were busy with the Jensens. We picked up Jesse from the airport then went to Salt Lake and saw the new Church history museum and had lunch! Thursday night was Matt's football game and we all dress up in the same hoodies! Sadly it started raining pretty good in the second quarter and we had to take the kids home cause we were all cold and wet. Jesse and Jeff stayed with a few other people.
Friday we spent the day playing again with cousins and had the Jensen Halloween party that evening. There were some great costumes, yummy dinner, donuts on a string, pie eating contest, and other fun games!

Saturday Jesse left back home early morning and I stayed with the kids to have my mom's Halloween party and we carved pumpkin, caramel apples, played games, had lunch! The few days we were there went by so fast and we were all sad to leave the evening. Corbin was really enjoying all the Halloweeny things!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Primary Chorister

I have mean meaning to write a little something about my church calling as being the Primary Chorister basically since I got the calling...but now that the program is over I figured it really time to write my thoughts down. When I first got called I will admit I was a little freaked out about the calling because I had only had like 2 months in primary as a teacher and then the last time I was around primary was when I was young in primary. I had no idea how the chorister did things and I had no idea where to even start. I was happy to accept the calling and knew it would all work out but I can't say I was a little nervous...or terrified the first month or so. ha! But once I got the hang of the kids and what they liked, what songs they knew, and what I was suppose to do--well I still don't know if I do it like other choristers but I have learned there is no right or wrong way. And I seriously don't know how people did things before the internet ha! Some times the calling still stressing me out and it definitely can be exhausting by the end of church with going into two nursery as well as doing singing time twice in primary.
Anyways this calling has been so great (not saying it isn't hard/challenging) and I know I was meant to be called as the primary chorister at this time. I love how much the music influences me and I have totally noticed how much it has influence Corbin. Right around the same time I was called I randomly found the Children's hymn CD at a thrift store and started listening to it. To have our family listening to that music more than we would if I wasn't called as chorister has been great for us. Music has such an impact on everyone. Corbin picks up on everything and loves to sing the songs. If I switch it to the radio he used to get mad and want me to switch it back. But he also asked so many questions with what he hear with music--so the radio of course isn't the greatest to try to explain what some things mean..but I love when he asks a bunch of questions about the church songs. --well I can't say I always love it...the kid thinks about things that I feel like most 3 year olds don't-for example like the song Hinges.."Mom what are hinges? Why are they going to crack" Am I going to crack?" But we have also had good discussions about many other gospel principles that I don't even pay attention to but he picks up on. He makes me really think about the message in the songs and learn about them more! When I was younger in primary of course I didn't pay attention to the songs that close-I just knew which ones were my favorite and sang them but now I am learning a new appreciation for them.