Thursday, November 19, 2015


We love to have visitors--even if my mom might have been forced into it! just kidding. But I was really hating that fact that I was not going to be able to be with her for her 50th birthday. I know we went and hiked the Narrows in Zions for it but you still want the day to be special. I thought about driving up to Utah and surprising her but then realized it would not be good timing as far as I was going up for Thanksgiving--Her birthday being on the 11th. Definitely was too long to stay in Utah and I really didn't like to idea (and it didn't really make sense) to drive back and forth so close. Then my sister Courtney and I realized it would cost me almost the same to drive back and forth than it would just to fly my mom out here and spend time with us! So I decided to buy her plane tickets if she liked it or not--haha ok not really I think she liked the idea just as much! :) She couldn't take off too much work so we decided to have her come over a weekend.
 She flew in Friday night and Jesse and I were able to go to dinner with her. Saturday my sister Courtney drove here and we were able to spend time all together. That night we went to Mystere A Cirque du Soleil show. It was definitely abstract and different but I really enjoyed it and am amazed of the talent people have and what they can do with there bodies--espeically how strong some of the people were! Sunday we went to church and hung out at the house the rest of the day. 
Monday we decided to do one of my moms favorite things and go hiking! We went out to Red Rock at did a hike that Jesse and I had done with the kids and friends before and knew it was pretty good for kids. It was quite chilly at first but once we got closer to the mountain and away from the wind it was pleasant! My mom sadly had to leave back home Monday night--we can definitely never have enough time no matter what haha
Jesse's parent's were in town Tuesday night so we were able to go out to dinner with them! Corbin was quite happy to have another Grandma (and Grandpa) come! But he has been so messed with with daylight savings--still--so he was exhausted and fell asleep while eating in ice cream cone by 7:00. Good thing we will be seeing everyone again Thanksgiving week!!

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