Tuesday, November 10, 2015

So we went to Utah...

Sounds familiar right? We tend to take all of our family vacation time to Utah--I have told Jesse we need to plan one last thing before the next child gets here and get out as a family not just to Utah. But this time was for Jesse's brother Matt. We have not been able to watch him play football on the Davis Varsity team at all so Jesse and his brother Jeff found a game that would work that we could all come to and watch and support him! 
I decided to go up a few days early--Jesse originally was flying Thursday Morning and leaving Friday evening--and that is just not enough time for me to fit in seeing everyone ha! The boys and I flew up Tuesday afternoon--yes it is getting a little harder to fly with them by myself, Gavin is at a hard age to want to sit still and between the two of them it is hard to keep them both happy--but it is manageable for an hour flight! We were able to hang out with my Dad's wife-Grandma Eddy that night. Wednesday we were able to go over and spend the day at my friend Kylee's house-it was so nice to get together with friends there and of course makes me sad we don't live there to get together more often especially with our kids the same age. Wednesday night I hung out with my mom after work and I had to hit up the D.I. with her...its kinda our thing. Thursday we were busy with the Jensens. We picked up Jesse from the airport then went to Salt Lake and saw the new Church history museum and had lunch! Thursday night was Matt's football game and we all dress up in the same hoodies! Sadly it started raining pretty good in the second quarter and we had to take the kids home cause we were all cold and wet. Jesse and Jeff stayed with a few other people.
Friday we spent the day playing again with cousins and had the Jensen Halloween party that evening. There were some great costumes, yummy dinner, donuts on a string, pie eating contest, and other fun games!

Saturday Jesse left back home early morning and I stayed with the kids to have my mom's Halloween party and we carved pumpkin, caramel apples, played games, had lunch! The few days we were there went by so fast and we were all sad to leave the evening. Corbin was really enjoying all the Halloweeny things!

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