Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Showers

My good friends (since elementary) Natalie and Chelsey threw me a nice friend baby shower. They did an awesome job and I thank you! It was so good to see some of my friends and get together! and the food was amazing! Thank You!
With Sarah..who actually just had her baby a few days after the shower-and we were due about 3 weeks apart. Makes it more real now that this baby is coming soon!
Kylee, Camille, Jesse
Kylee and Ramsey
Abby and Ali
I didn't get a picture with everyone but so happy I could see everyone that could make it! Thank you!
My Mom and sisters were able to throw me a little shower as well...and we weren't so good about taking pictures then either. But I did make sure to get a picture of the cute cookies they made!
more yummy food!
Leslie Bertum and my Grandma Eddy
And I also had a Jensen Family shower which turned out great as well! Good to see the Jensen family girls! But no pictures at all from that one.  Jesse did manage to snap one of me trying to go through everything we got from all 3 showers and figure out what we still need to buy. 
Gosh why do babies need so much? I mean I know they can live off a little but we still need to buy the essentials like a car seat, bibs, onsies, etc. and whatever else I will find out that I need...ya know? And I think I am hitting the "nesting" phase I have heard about..I thought it was just women being funny. But sadly its kinda hard for me to do knowing we are moving right away. But it will all work out! :)
Thanks once again for everyone who put on the showers and the work that went into it, and for everyone that came. We really appreciate it and are grateful for everyone and everything we got!

And here I am 34 weeks prego! I think I might be busting out the skirts/dresses more now because the weather is warming up and they are just a little more comfortable for me as I am getting bigger.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend.

Well its no surprise that we spent our Easter weekend down in Kaysville! (soon enough we will live closer if not in Kaysville) I was woken up at 4 AM Thursday morning and was called into work on about 4 hours of sleep...and I worked two 12 hour shifts Thursday and Friday-they sure get harder to do the more pregnant I get! 
Saturday we planned on helping my mom take out the wood fence post in her back yard so we can re-do the fence since it got destroyed in the wind storm back in the fall. The project turned into an all day event! From about 10 AM to 6 PM. None of us knew what we were getting ourselves into! We had to jackhammer cement and dig down about 3 feet through cement and dirt. We were exhausted at the end of the day...and the next day we sure felt it! Our hands felt like the were bruised and our arms and backs were sore. I basically felt like I got hit by a truck then laid on the asphalt for a couple hours for my arms to get a nice burn line from my shirt and gloves. Kirk said I looked like an nice striped colored Easter Egg. But thankfully that part is now done and they are closer to getting a new fence put in!
Sunday we spent the whole day together again with a good breakfast and dinner, going to church, dyeing Easter eggs the old school way-so my hands were dyed as well but I just can't ever give up the tradition of coloring eggs!, and of course a small Easter egg hunt for mostly Eli and Max.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

32 weeks.

Well I haven't done a real Baby Jensen update lately so I figured its time to document a little. 
I still am feeling pretty good most of the time..but I am writing this on a good day... Some days I feel so huge and bloated and uncomfortable (and feels like my skin can't stretch any more) and can't forget to mention just exhausted!! But really for the most part I can't complain. I even can say that I think I am enjoying pregnancy....I will probably be pregnant for the next 5 years straight anyways-ya know just pop them all out fast and get it done with right?!
One silly reason I might enjoy pregnancy is maybe because this is the first time in my life that I have not had to worry about having a gut and trying to hide it...but I know that will start up again right after this baby is here ;) Oh the joys!
I can't say that I have had cravings of any kind...but sometimes I like to just pretend :) especially when I really want ice cream or Jesse to make some popcorn-we have been on a kick of eating popcorn at night, air popped with a bit of butter and salt or Whirly pop with a hint of sugar-delicious! and somewhat healthy right!?
I have gotten leg cramps sometimes still at night and I noticed if I over do it and am exhausted they are a lot worse-usually I wake up with one leg cramped for about 15 seconds and then I just fall back asleep but the other night it was both legs multiple times throughout the night-quite the miserable night.
Sleeping is getting a little harder as well-just finding that comfortable position-really thinking about buying one of those full body pillows about now-and Jesse might want it to use for himself more than I do. But I do still sleep well-just pre-pregnancy it was rare if I woke up during the thats what I have to compare to. ha!
One thing I must say I definitely am missing is playing soccer...or any sport really! I want to so bad! Especially with this nice weather! Seeing people running outside-I can't even say I love running but knowing I can't makes it hard, but thats just how it is right? As soon as I can I wont want to! ha
We are definitely getting more excited knowing we will have a baby here within the next 8 weeks! But a part of me is of course nervous knowing I will be a mother for the rest of my life and the responsibilities that come along with that. We still don't have a named picked out for our little guy-hopefully that will come sooner than later. I don't know why boy names have to be so hard! I am 32 weeks prego!..The belly sure is getting big!