Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Showers

My good friends (since elementary) Natalie and Chelsey threw me a nice friend baby shower. They did an awesome job and I thank you! It was so good to see some of my friends and get together! and the food was amazing! Thank You!
With Sarah..who actually just had her baby a few days after the shower-and we were due about 3 weeks apart. Makes it more real now that this baby is coming soon!
Kylee, Camille, Jesse
Kylee and Ramsey
Abby and Ali
I didn't get a picture with everyone but so happy I could see everyone that could make it! Thank you!
My Mom and sisters were able to throw me a little shower as well...and we weren't so good about taking pictures then either. But I did make sure to get a picture of the cute cookies they made!
more yummy food!
Leslie Bertum and my Grandma Eddy
And I also had a Jensen Family shower which turned out great as well! Good to see the Jensen family girls! But no pictures at all from that one.  Jesse did manage to snap one of me trying to go through everything we got from all 3 showers and figure out what we still need to buy. 
Gosh why do babies need so much? I mean I know they can live off a little but we still need to buy the essentials like a car seat, bibs, onsies, etc. and whatever else I will find out that I need...ya know? And I think I am hitting the "nesting" phase I have heard about..I thought it was just women being funny. But sadly its kinda hard for me to do knowing we are moving right away. But it will all work out! :)
Thanks once again for everyone who put on the showers and the work that went into it, and for everyone that came. We really appreciate it and are grateful for everyone and everything we got!

And here I am 34 weeks prego! I think I might be busting out the skirts/dresses more now because the weather is warming up and they are just a little more comfortable for me as I am getting bigger.

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  1. Marissa you look so cute! I'm excited for you and Jesse