Tuesday, April 3, 2012

32 weeks.

Well I haven't done a real Baby Jensen update lately so I figured its time to document a little. 
I still am feeling pretty good most of the time..but I am writing this on a good day... Some days I feel so huge and bloated and uncomfortable (and feels like my skin can't stretch any more) and can't forget to mention just exhausted!! But really for the most part I can't complain. I even can say that I think I am enjoying pregnancy....I will probably be pregnant for the next 5 years straight anyways-ya know just pop them all out fast and get it done with right?!
One silly reason I might enjoy pregnancy is maybe because this is the first time in my life that I have not had to worry about having a gut and trying to hide it...but I know that will start up again right after this baby is here ;) Oh the joys!
I can't say that I have had cravings of any kind...but sometimes I like to just pretend :) especially when I really want ice cream or Jesse to make some popcorn-we have been on a kick of eating popcorn at night, air popped with a bit of butter and salt or Whirly pop with a hint of sugar-delicious! and somewhat healthy right!?
I have gotten leg cramps sometimes still at night and I noticed if I over do it and am exhausted they are a lot worse-usually I wake up with one leg cramped for about 15 seconds and then I just fall back asleep but the other night it was both legs multiple times throughout the night-quite the miserable night.
Sleeping is getting a little harder as well-just finding that comfortable position-really thinking about buying one of those full body pillows about now-and Jesse might want it to use for himself more than I do. But I do still sleep well-just pre-pregnancy it was rare if I woke up during the night..so thats what I have to compare to. ha!
One thing I must say I definitely am missing is playing soccer...or any sport really! I want to so bad! Especially with this nice weather! Seeing people running outside-I can't even say I love running but knowing I can't makes it hard, but thats just how it is right? As soon as I can I wont want to! ha
We are definitely getting more excited knowing we will have a baby here within the next 8 weeks! But a part of me is of course nervous knowing I will be a mother for the rest of my life and the responsibilities that come along with that. We still don't have a named picked out for our little guy-hopefully that will come sooner than later. I don't know why boy names have to be so hard! Well...here I am 32 weeks prego!..The belly sure is getting big!


  1. Dang Marissa you look super cute! Pregnancy sure does make you glow (in a good way)!!!

  2. You look so good Marissa!!!!!

  3. What a babe... you and pregnancy are definitely best friends. I can't wait for that little guy to get here!

  4. I would think the name Troy would be in there somewhere... Jesse, You are welcome!! Marissa, you will be the best mom. Lucky kid. You are stinkin' cute prego!
    Love ya,