Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas in Utah

This year we got lucky and Jesse was able to get a week off for Christmas time and we were able to spend the week in Utah. We found some cheap flights which is was nice to be able to fly for a little over and hour and not have to drive basically for a day each way…and on the way home it would have been in the snow! Its nice to be able to have the extra two days spending with family! We had a week full of parties and activities as usual. (and way too much sugar and not even sleep…)

We flew in Saturday early afternoon. That night we had the Jensen Christmas party. This year it ended up being in Kaysville-not the usual Plain City. We kept up all the traditions with homemade chicken noodle soup, ham, and many goodies, played Mexican horseshoe, and Santa came. They also do a piƱata for the kids but we ended up leaving a bit early. I wanted to start this vacation off somewhat ok with sleep-and it was getting late and I wanted Corbin to bed on time.

Sunday was my mom's party, Monday was the Haws party, Tuesday we went out to Ruth's Chris as adults and my mom so kindly watched my kids, Wednesday was Christmas Eve and we had breakfast with my mom and went to my Dad and Lezlee's or I should say her parents, Dot and Army's, Christmas party. That night we were able to Skype with my brother Matt-who is serving a mission in Korea!
While in Utah we went to the trampoline park twice, once with the Jensen cousins and once with Eli and Garrett. Corbin loved it.
family selfie on the plane!
Corbin insisted on him pulling the smaller luggage...
He was real excited to sit on santa's lap as you can see..ha
Hours on playing with toys
lots of laying around-Corbin was obsessed with Daddy…maybe a little too much. To the point he wouldn't let me do anything he only wanted Daddy...
We took a few pictures to send to Matt.
Matt's empty stocking.
one of our favorite breakfasts for Christmas Eve!
Playing with play-dough!
I enjoyed having the White Christmas, It was kinda neat to wake up Christmas morning to the snow. But after a day or two in it I was about done..ha! I don't really like being cold and wet-especially with kids. It really was pretty and Corbin seems to like it but I just can't say I miss it that much. Maybe when I can actually go and play in it more I will want it again! :)
Its nice to be back home and try to get back into the routine of things-even though we aren't quite there. My kids both seem a little extra needy…and Corbin got sick. I am actually laying in bed with him right now because he's been asking me to lay by him. He threw up last night and I am hoping it's only going to be once and we get over this quickly. It is quite hard to take care of two needy children. I am hoping Gavin is not getting sick as well-he's been off and on with needing to be held and crying more often. But that just how babies are there go through cycles. We love being with family but sometimes its just nice to be back in your own home and bed and not feel like your eating 24/7. ha! But I hate the thought of not knowing when we are going back yet.