Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Gavin is 6 months.

1/2 year mark is already here and I can't believe it! Time is going by so fast I feel like since we moved to Vegas-which I guess with unpacking, having a new baby, meeting new friends and doing new things here, traveling to Utah and Cali a few times all make the time go by faster. But seriously my baby is already 6 months old!

Maybe it goes by fast when you have a sweet content baby! He of course isn't sweet and content all the time-we have our rough days and nights but overall I would consider him a good baby. He has had a few rough days where is was extra needy and it happen to be when my family was in town. Poor guy though you could tell something was wrong since he is usually not that fussy--but still wasn't really that bad. I don't know if his ears were hurting him or teething…but I still have no felt any teeth but he sure does love to put everything in his mouth and chew-I think its the age where they have learned enough coordination to pick up things and put them in their mouth. He will grab anything within his reach. my hair, my face, his toes, any paper or food etc.

And now this past week…I kinda feel like I have a different baby. He hasn't been sleeping the greatest…like up 2-3 times a night! And just more needy during the day-like wants to be held all day and cries if I sent him down. But I can't complain too much when most of the time he is content as long as he is being held. So I am thinking it has to be teething or not feeling well somehow-or a 6 month sleep regression?!?-because his naps have been lacking as well. He decided to take 20 minute naps throughout the day. Yes that means if I am lucky I get 20 minutes of alone time between the two boys.
 He used to take at lease one good long nap per day if not two-one in the morning and one in the afternoon. He doesn't really sleep much on the go at all unless he is exhausted but still no more than 20 minutes. I am thinking the longer naps will come back….at least one long afternoon one right!? He used to let me rock him to sleep with his head snuzzled in my arm but he doesn't seem to like that as much…sometimes I force it and others times I just have to let him cry in the swing a bit-but of course his favorite is to just fall asleep peacefully with my holding him up right and I kinda like it how he's hugging me.
 I just switch him to taking naps in the pack in play and he seems to have made a good transition-Corbin was waking him up too much in the swing and to be honest he really wasn't fitting well anymore ha! He is officially out of the Rock n Play (for a while now) and sleeps in the pack n play at night (all these crazy names for different baby things)…since Corbin has the crib and it doesn't look like Corbin wants out of it anytime soon. I keep debating if I should just buy another cheap crib because I might have the same problem with my next child. I have decided now that I am keeping Gavin in the crib as long as possible so I don't make the same mistake as I did with Corbin and lose so much sleep from it! (can you tell sleep is a big deal to me!?)

Gavin doesn't even show signs of wanting to try to start moving when I put him on the rolling or scooting or anything. His Doctor did mention at his 4 month appt he has gravity working against him and he wasn't worried but maybe now that his 6 months he should start at least rocking back and forth and trying. But he honestly hates laying on the ground and I figured eventually he will. He sits up really well now though, occasionally falls over but he can sit for quite a while and just play.

He still loves Corbin and will just sit and watch him if Corbin will actually stay around him. I loved when Corbin made him giggle. He is pretty ticklish and I love to make him giggle by just kissing him on his cheeks while tinkling his ribs!  He will get on a kick of blowing raspberries and jabbering a lot but doesn't do it all day long. He has had too many blowouts to count but thankfully a lot of been at home. One time I drove to Costco which is a good 25 minutes away and he had a huge one. He was wearing a vest and I sure wasn't going to drive all the way home. So he went in wearing just his vest but I put a blanket over him. He sadly still spits up and yes its just annoying now. The Bumbo makes it really bad. But I am ready for it to stop but it has slowed down a lot-less frequent but thicker. Gavin used to hate bath time and diaper changes but now he seems to like them both-or at least doesn't scream the whole time.
I am a little off when his doctors appts because I broke up his vaccinations so that he gets half one them at the appt and then I go back a month later and get the 2nd half. So I won't get his stats till he's about 6 1/2 months old! But I think he is still on the same track..short and chunky with a big head. :) Just the way I like em! Seriously his rolls though and his cheeks!
 He had a random thing going where his one arm seems to spasm-just like hitting his side over and over again.
 Happy half Birthday!

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