Friday, December 5, 2014

Catching up on updating--Halloween and Utah trip

Well I feel like I am super behind on my "journaling" and its one of those things that I always have in the back on my mind that I know I need to do because I know its important to have and also I forget things too easily and quickly that if I don't write it down its gone--but its one of those things that kinda gets put on the back burner because I know there is no deadline to when I "have" to get it done. But I feel so much better if I keep pretty up to date with our life so I am hoping to within this next week….but I also have quite a few things on my to do list! It seems like the to do list is never ending though. (Maybe if my kids slept a little longer than I could get more done…haha)
You know I am behind when I have Halloween to post about and its after Thanksgiving now..ugh!
We had a little neighborhood Fall Festival which was the first time I dressed Corbin up as a little biker. I found this motorcycle at a garage sale for $2 so I thought it would be perfect to dress him up as a biker because it was pretty simple too-I already had the jacket and I just had to buy a bandana! My kind of Halloween costume haha! and I must say Corbin loved it. The first time I drew on his mustache/beard he just admired it in the mirror and asked for it the next day. He loved the bounce house at the Fall festival and thought it was the coolest thing that people just gave him candy!
We also had a ward Trunk or Treat and I just threw a outfit together for Gavin as well..I know I am lame and did not plan on anything at first. Gavin kinda looked like a pirate at first but him and I did join Corbin's biker gang. Good thing in vegas he could still wear a tank top! ;)
We dressed up and went trick or treating at the library one day as well so I even debated on taking our costumes to Utah but decided I had to let Corbin really go trick or treating! And he absolutely loved it! He once again thought it was the greatest thing that you just go up to someones house and say trick or treat-which he was actually good at saying! Then they would give him a some candy and he was say something like "look mom M&M's!!…look Mom I got a sucker!" It was so fun to see his excitement and he loved all the Halloween decorations that he saw especially anything that would light up! For some reason he loved the "scary" things as well…which I know is a lot of Halloween stuff but he's been into "scary" things.
So we did go up to Utah at the end of October and surprised my Mom and sister Candace to be there for little Vince's blessing. I was dying to finally meet him and I felt like it was important to go since I was able to and didn't have anything. And we would not have seen the Jensens for about 4 months since we weren't originally planning on going till Christmas time! You don't have to persuade me too much to make a trip there! Don't ever want to go too long ya know! ;)
meeting cousin Vince
 Playing at the park with our cousins-feeding the ducks and playing in the fall leaves.
 My mom needed to dress up for work on Halloween…so I helped paint her face. ha ha
 Playing again at the park with more cousins!
 Gavin fell asleep right before I was going to take Corbin out trick or treating…so my mom already had some face paint and I decided to have some fun while he was sleeping.
Visiting Grandpa and Grandma Haws
 Trying on Grandma's sewing glasses..helping my mom finish up Vince's blessing outfit.
Blessing day.
 Hanging out with baby Huey and Grandma Jensen before we had to leave back home to Vegas.
So…this was a little thrown together quickly…another reason I need to stay on top on blogging…better something than nothing at all! ha ;)

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