Monday, December 15, 2014


When we first moved into our house I half jokingly said the only time I'll need a double oven is for thanksgiving! (And sadly I forget that I have a double oven so I need to take advantage of it more) And Jesse said well we better invite everyone down here then for thanksgiving! We didn't really know that far in advance what we would be doing for thanksgiving-if Jesse could get work off or what-but we kinda always thought about having it here! Well with my sister living in California she liked the idea so she could still see family and Jesse couldn't get much work off and we knew we would be going to Utah for Christmas so it worked out to be for Thanksgiving to be here! My grandparents live in St. George and they told me they were just staying home so I invited them as well! My good friend Kate Brown wasn't able to be with any family because her husband is in pediatric residency right now so it was nice to have their family join us as well! I've never been a host for Thanksgiving-or really anything-but I guess there is good and bad to it. The good is I actually didn't stress too much because I didn't really know what you all have to do and the bad is the same...ha! I didn't really know how to plan everything out. So when your invited to my house you can't necessarily plan on anything big and fancy! With two young kiddos and having other projects (redoing my family room) I didn't have much time or really think it's necessary to make anything big out! But everything ended up going pretty smoothly! I freaked out about cooking a turkey at first cause I had no idea how to! I went online and the first thing I come across is "12 things people do wrong when cooking a turkey" it kinda freaked me out and I worried for a bit thinking it was way complicated. Then when I really looked up a recipe it wasn't do bad at all! Good thing I didn't go spend $45 on pre-cooked Turkey breast cause I really debated it at first! Ha! But I ended up being happy with my $8 full turkey-and learning how! The rest of the food was great and it wasn't stressful at all-just like it should be! :)
We didn't have a whole lot planned for everyone to do the weekend they were here because you basically have to do things around kids and their schedule. So we went to parks and walks/runs and enjoyed the pleasant weather! 
The last night they were here after the kids went down we decided to go to the Belliagio to see the Gardens and fountains and it happened to be the day they were taking it all down and getting the Christmas stuff up! We were still able to enjoy the fountains and a yummy treat together though and of course some good laughs! :)

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  1. What a fun Thanksgiving! I'm glad I can still keep up with you through blogs! We got your Christmas card this weekend and it's so cute!