Friday, December 5, 2014

Gavin at 5 months (just a bit late)

Well like I said life as been a little busy lately and my Gavin is still just a growing and just sweet as can be. Seriously something about his eyes just melt me! and maybe his chubby cheeks. I seriously kiss him all day long! And I really don't mind just having him in his diaper because I love seeing his chubby squishy self! But I'll keep this update nice and short because he's almost 6 months and its all kinda a blur but I of course have to include all the pictures I take of him! ;)
Gavin seem to be a very content baby for the most part. He does love to be held but has learned that he can't be all the time. When he's being held he can be content and happy even though he is tired or hungry. Sometimes I can get distracted and if I am out with friends or something and just holding him I realize he has gone like 5 hours without eating..but its usually when I try to put him down then he freaks out…then I'm reminded oh yeah you are probably hungry. ha!
He goes through different phases with his sleeping…sometimes he sleeps quite well and other times he struggles. I still wrap him up like a little burrito so its an easier transition from rocking him to putting him in the swing. He still sleeps in the rock n play…I get nervous to let him just sleep on his back when he still spits up and the rock n play works and I don't want to mess with sleep. He is in his own room now which was a good decision besides the fact I am a zombie trying to walk to his room when he wakes to feed. He is usually only up once a night but it seems totally random when like anywhere between 2-5am. He wakes up usually anywhere between 6:30-7:30 for the day…like his brother.
He loves Corbin…always is staring at him when he is around. And sadly I don't know if Corbin is as much into him right now. ha! But oh well it works for now-lets hope as Gavin gets bigger he is nice to him and actually plays with him ;) Corbin does love Gavin just fights for the attention!
A few close ups are always needed.
Corbin asked to hold Gavin…there clearly both enjoyed it.
then Corbin said "Mom lay him on my back"...
He doesn't fall asleep quietly in a random spot very often…but this is when I was working out-must have been quite boring to watch.
talk about a sad face...
He can sit in a gumbo just fine…but he tends to spit up a ton when he does so I don't like to put him in there very often. He doesn't like the bouncer as much thought cause he wants to be up by us!
 His hair is slowly growing..
 The swing is where is takes all of his naps. It works for now so we are going with what works.
 Yes…I told you the bumbo isn't the greatest for his tummy…ha! sorry.
He decided one day that he was not going to lay back in the bouncer and basically always just sits up in it now.
Talk about a long bum…the Jensens butt crack is what I call it...
couldn't even count the rolls that night.
He says "whatever" to Grandma's girly burp clothes. (I Only had so many clothes to change him into so I couldn't have him soaking every outfit)
Can't say he loves the jumper…but he gives me a bit before he starts fussing so I put him in there for the change of scenery.

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