Thursday, December 18, 2014

One of those "off" days...

You know those days where you feel like something is just off?..well their are plenty of them with a baby and a toddler-when you just have those days where they are crying and screaming a was one of those days but just with some added spice-where one thing happens after another. But thankfully I'm actually still ok-I'm not having a melt down. Somehow today I am kinda laughing about it--and I guess the reason why I can sit down and write about it...because most the time I am too upset and frustrated that writing about it would be the last thing I wanted...after eating my emotions away! Ha! ;) So not that this day is too far off from the norm I should mention I guess ha!
Gavin woke up not feeling the best-so a needy child naturally happens. Corbin is a toddler and can be very unpredictable...and emotionally unstable I think I can throw that out there as well. The morning actually started out smooth but it was when I needed to actually start getting things done is when it started. But to spare the little details (and since I only have my 20 minutes of alone time) I packed my kids up to go to the grocery store and Corbin almost always throws a fit to go to the store so he screams the whole way there, Gavin is pretty upset to be in his car seat as well. I hurry and get everything I need and check out to find that I forgot my wallet...dang it! And I need this stuff before nap time to make treats for home teaching tonight for Jesse. So it's not that I can just call it quits and leave my stuff. So I drive home and get my wallet and go back to the store (having at least one child screaming the whole time). I get home to hurry and make lunch because it's now past nap time. I make quesadillas and for some reason for the first time I have it completely stick to the maker and rip the quesadilla into people pieces that won't come off? Ok that was weird. I'm dying of thirst so I go to fill up some water and get distracted with one of my boys (pretty sure it was Corbin having a major freak out episodes where I can't calm him down and I can't figure out why or how it even started) so come back to the kitchen with water overflowing everywhere on the counter and floor because I accidentally left the water on! I naturally panik a little...but Gavin is screaming out of control so I had to pick him up to find out that he has a major blowout and poop everywhere! I wasn't quite sure which one to start cleaning up first but when Gavin starts to projectile spit up I decided to start with him! ;) but thankfully it was about 1:30 pm and that meant I could put my kiddos down for a nice nap and take a little break from all these weird things happening. I'm a little nervous to do anything else today! ;)
And just because right after I clean up Gavin I captures these pictures and they sure made me smile and remember even with off days I love them unconditionally!

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  1. I loved reading this, we had this type of day today too- Huds has the flu and Chase is wild and stir crazy I think! Oh well, no one ever said that being a mom was easy!