Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mikaela is 2 months old

oh goodness I just can't keep up with stuff. I told Jesse I feel like I always have a million things I could be doing and then I asked him "do you ever feel like sometimes you have so much to do that your unproductive because you can't get any of it done?" His reply..."uh no I don't try to do multiple things at once" haha ok that is just laughable as a mom. But on my list are things like of course cleaning the house, laundry, organizing...but also like blogging/journaling, making blog books, making videos of all the videos I take and things like that. I just don't have time to get to all of it and wish I could. And of course I feel slightly bad for not documenting as much but such is life unless I really kept up on it.
Anyways on to Mikaela...which my mind is blank right now. Mostly I can't skip out on sharing the millions of pictures I take! ha! But overall Mikaela is a good baby-she is pretty chill if she is fed and rocked to sleep when needed. She is a binky girl now-needs it to help sooth her to sleep. A part of me likes it cause it really helps the other part I cringe because I don't think she can fall asleep without it right now! (either that or being fed of course) She feeds every 3-4 hours mostly...and that is day and night. She does her one "long" spurt at night and then wakes up around 12:30-1 then lately its been around 3:30 again and then sadly she's been in a bad habit of waking up for the day around 5:30--she needs to understand that is too early but isn't getting the hints when I ignore all her grunting. haha (but I have been just getting up around 6am to go running 3 days a week now) then she finally goes back down around 7-7:30. 
She loves to nap in her swing or I should say thats where she spends a lot of her time because she sleeps so good in there. Sometimes it seems like she gets frustrated when I try to rock her cause she can't get comfortable and so I just put her in the swing (with her binky of course) and she tends to fall asleep just fine. This last little bit she seems to not like the carseat but I hope she gets used to it as I will be driving to Utah and back in July and August.
I love to dress her and of course enjoy bows in the hair! It looks like her hair could be coming in lighter but her color is so pretty (and thick) right now. She has been a way smiley baby for me. She makes me feel good when I walk up to her and she just smiles away once she sees me. She actually likes to get her diaper changed and is super smiley right after. She seems to really like the bath as well and I love how her hair curls up in the water. We sure Love our Kaela Bug (wow I have never typed that out and really don't know how I would spell that but that is what we call her often haha)