Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mikaela is 1 month old

Well I guess each child you have the time goes by faster because you are busier with the other kids as well. To be honest I kinda laugh about things I worried so much with Corbin but I must say he was my hardest baby so far and the fact he was my first and just learning how to be a mom in general made it harder. I'm definitely more laid back  and don't stress about the little things as much. I'm used to being home all day by myself with all three of them and sometimes I really do question how I kept busy with only one child but as we have heard before we always feel like we are maxed out but we can handle what Heavenly Fathers knows we can at the time. But I'm glad by the 3rd I feel like I have the hang of it better!  ;)

On to update about Mikaela...or I should say just how things have been the first month of her life. She has been a good baby so far and I sure hope it continues! :) She pretty content for the most part and isn't too demanding-with her brothers needing me so much its a good thing! She feeds every 2 hours day and night and maybe a few times has gone longer but not more than 3 hours! She's pretty fast too so I am really glad I can feed her quickly when needed. It seemed like she would only half feed and fall asleep a lot of the time-and you really can't force her if she doesn't want to or if she's too tired-but she seemed to go the same length between feedings so she just did her own thing! I feel like anytime I did try to force more she just threw up (happened twice right before bed and had to change my sheets and clothes) Of course she's still in the newborn phase and sleeps a good amount. Some days she needs to be held more than others to actually sleep but the swing has been great and so have my wraps to carry her in. We stay busy doing things with the boys and she's been good about going out!
She spits up but I'm crossing my fingers that she doesn't start to more! It will be nice not to have a child with reflux! But I do have plenty of burp clothes stored up now...but I'll still just hope she doesn't spit up much!
Just about every morning between 5-6 she has a long (sometimes around an hour) episode wear she just grunts and grunts and seems a bit frustrated but most of the time her eyes aren't opened. Occasionally she will cry a bit but mostly just squirming and grunting. I'm half awake and get to the point I try to ignore it and go back to sleep but I believe once she either passes gas or poops she feels better and goes back to sleep or I feed her back to a deeper sleep cause it's just that time to feed again.
I'll have to admit that we basically co-sleep. She starts out in a rock n play on the side of our bed but sometimes I fall asleep when feeding her laying down and next thing I know she's awake for the next feeding but most the time I get her back in the rock n play for a little bit before the next feeding. I get the most sleep this way and keep my sanity! Oh I wish I could tell my new mom self this instead of torturing myself and making me wake up and walk to the other room feed in a chair and fall asleep with a kinked neck. This way I can stay half asleep and I'm not dying from being so tired! I am the worst at night! The first two weeks when she would poop multiple times at night it was so hard for me to get completely out of bed and change her diaper-I can hardly function at night...I've always been that way and definitely need my sleep!
We definitely love all her hair! It's a beautiful color and so thick! I hope it stays the color-it's a beautiful dark brown but you can definitely see red in it especially outside in the light! But it will probably change a little bit at least.  Of course everyone comments on it! I've gotten asked so many times if my other children had that much hair-Corbin had quite a bit and Gavin was basically bald so she definitely wins! I still like her in a bow always because she can still look like a little baby boy with matted down greasy hair ha ha! It's definitely fun to have a baby girl with a lot of hair though! I hope it doesn't fall out or get a bald spot in the back! She has already pulled her own hair-sometimes when she reaches her arms above her head her little hand will grasp her hair!
The boys have been really good with her so far! No scares yet and I hope they continue to be careful! Gavin is usually the one to ask to hold her and loves to then Corbin wants a turn after! Gavin tends to call her baby and genuinely shows that he cares about her and worries if she's crying. Corbin has been a good helper and makes sure Gavin doesn't get too close to her at times. If I have moved her somewhere they tend to ask where she is but for the most part they still do their own thing.
We loved having visitors and I really think it helped with the transition. The boys needed a lot of attention (and still do) but I was sure glad to have help!
1 Month Old!