Friday, November 21, 2014

Cousins and Camping in October.

Well I feel like I am super behind on here--and I know this time of year gets busy so I feel like I really need to catch up! Without pictures I wouldn't remember anything so its a good thing I take a lot. 

Well first off we had our cousins come visit--Brooklyn and Chris with their kiddos Macie, Will, and Haven. We were able to spend a day with them and go to the park! The kids had fun running around and I didn't think the splash pad was going to be open but when they saw the water they wanted to play in it--so we thought why not!? They ran around in their undies and they love it! Thats what you get living in Vegas and being nice and warm still in October I guess! :)
So I randomly had the grand idea to go camping…we haven't seen before we had Corbin because camping with a baby we thought would be quite difficult but since Gavin has been a little better with sleeping I thought why not try it out--I knew I wouldn't be getting good sleep but I thought it would be fun! Well we went out to Red Rock Canyon which I love the red rock look. The sunset was way pretty so of course I had to try to take pictures. We had a little fire, then sat in the tent and watched a movie on the computer….then Corbin refused to go to sleep! So he stayed up close to 11:00 I think. Then when he did finally fall asleep the wind was way loud and I felt like was going to blow over our tent so I couldn't sleep. Then when I finally fell asleep I was woken up countless times by Corbin kicking me in the face. ha! Jesse wasn't the happiest when we got up….at like 5:30 am-Corbin was up even before the sun was fully…so of course we didnt get much sleep at all. But overall I still had fun with our spontaneous adventure…and I would probably do it again--Jesse not so much! But he was a good sport anyways! ;)

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