Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Daddy's day off!

Well I feel like things are finally starting to slow down here--sort of but there is still plenty to do as well. But now I feel like we are finally getting out and doing stuff on Jesse's day off instead of getting stuff done around the house all day long (don't worry some boxes will just never be unpacked) or running errands of things we need to get done because Jesse only has that one day to do everything he needs to get done. We still have our list of things that we slowly work on but I told Jesse we need to do one fun thing together each day off!
Two weeks ago we decided to venture onto the strip. Jesse and I aren't huge fans of the strip and don't have much of a desire to go there but there are a couple fun things to take advantage of. (and I am still learning of more I need to) We knew Corbin would enjoy the M&M factory and Jesse said since the Coke factory is right next store we had to go there too then. We watched the 3D movie at the M&M factory which actually just kinda scared Corbin because of a furnace that was going to eat the "M"-so thats all he talked about was how it was "scary!" But of course we got an expensive bag of a bunch of different kinds of M&Ms and enjoyed them the next week or so. Jesse wanted to try all the 16 around the world flavor drinks at the Coke factory-and I am not really a soda drinker but I thought it would be fun to try a sip of all of them as well. Some were good and some were awful!

After I decided since we were already on the strip-and I didn't really see us coming back for any reason any time soon-that we should walk down and see the Bellagio Garden and Fountains. They had the autumn decorations/floral right now which is really amazing how they create things out of plants/flowers. Sadly the fountains don't turn on till 3:00 and we were already pushing it with nap time so maybe another time Corbin can experience those-he loves water so I knew it would love to see them.
It is crazy how we live right next to the strip and so close to all of that stuff but where we live and our neighborhood it really doesn't feel like we live in Vegas and I forget about it. I really don't like the feel the strip gives you. I just felt dirty and I don't really care to be around that stuff much. Jesse and I do want to go try out some of the nice restaurants sometime though!
This last Tuesday we went to Gilcrease Orchard. There was a big orchard where you could pick your own produce and also a pumpkin patch and small maze for children and yummy apple cider donuts! (I really want some more of the donuts now) I was in Heaven though at the orchard!! Organic Apples for .99--that means healthy yummy applesauce as well! I got myself a bag and was way excited to start picking tons of apples. Jesse says "why don't you just pick a few and then you can do buy a bunch at the store" haha! He didn't understand at all! Thats ok-a lot of people wouldn't! But I hurried and picked a huge bag full and Jesse was a good sport about the whole thing! Corbin thought it was cool to pick the apples off the tree as well but just wanted to eat them right away! The kid LOVES apples and eats at least one or two a day! We picked some greens and carrots as well and Corbin enjoyed walking up and down the fields grabbing some himself!
Not going to lie…one thing Jesse and I really enjoy doing is going out to eat-so we almost always go out to eat on his day off! and it being National dessert Day we made sure of getting some Fried Ice Cream to celebrate!
We all enjoyed it--and Corbin made sure to finish it off! Our boy shares our same love for food! :)

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