Sunday, October 12, 2014

My 4 month chunk

Oh my sweet little Gavin is 4 months and just a growing like a weed or maybe I should say a big round pumpkin? Yes I know he's packing on the weight and I seriously don't know how. But I do joke around saying that he shows that bulimia is not good for you and can cause you to just gain more weight. He's still sadly soaking wet all day long-I was hoping the spit up would slow down (it did with Corbin by now) and nothing seems to really help but I am just happy that he is still a happy baby most of the time and it doesn't seem to really bother him. (more me with us stinking and always having spit up on us)
 He makes me feel so loved and just makes my heart burst when he smiles and gets so giddy when he sees me! He can go from fussy to smiling as soon as I walk up to him and start smiling or talking to him! The only time I really can't get him to smile is bath time. For some reason he HATES baths and just cries the saddest cry and than turns into a scream if I don't get him out soon enough. So he doesn't get many full baths usually just water in the sink while I am holding him cause I don't want to traumatize him too much haha! He constantly has his hands in his mouth-it started out with trying to shove his whole fist in but now its more of 2-3 fingers and I have caught him a few times now with trying to suck his thumb-I might have myself another thumb sucker here.
His sleeping hasn't been as well this last week or so-seems like since he got more shots. I splits his vaccines so he got half of them around 2.5 months and the other half around 3.5 months because I personally think it is really rough on babies to have that many given to them all at once and Corbin was almost hospitalized because he got a high fever from them so I wanted to avoid that as well. I know vaccines can make them feel crummy and since he is getting older he doesn't sleep as much but I feel like he is struggling to take good naps and then gets overly tired. He had a couple rough nights but besides that he still does around 7-8 hr stretch. I still have him in our room because its so nice just to grab him and feed him and put him right back without having to get out of bed-and he doesn't really bother us at all. He doesn't even cry when he wakes me just starts to grunt-his way of letting me know he's hungry and ready to eat I guess. I know I sound ridiculous maybe but I would feel bad if he was in his own room and had to get so upset to start crying to wake me up to come feed him-I guess thats just because I hate to make me sweet Gavin cry for no reason when he kindly just grunts for me..haha don't worry that will change most likely-its just what is working for now. (and I wasn't like that with Corbin).
I love Gavin's blue eyes-I feel like that is what makes him seem so sweet to me. He seems like he is intently looking at me and knows me and its those moments where you love being a mommy! I also love his inner thigh roll-it keeps growing and the crease might be permanent. ;)
I am struggling to have clothes for him to wear because yes he is growing faster than Corbin but also Corbin was in long sleeves and pants at this point because in Utah the weather is obviously colder right now-so much for timing there birthdays by each other ha! ;)

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  1. I love seeing pictures of this cute baby! My Hudson was the same way- so chunky even though he spit up all the time! We sure miss you guys!