Thursday, October 9, 2014

St. George day trip

Last weekend we went up to St. George just for the day so I could see my mom! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see her when she is only 2 hours away. She was running the St. George Marathon so my sister Courtney and I (and our kids) decided to go cheer her on at the end and spend the day with her! I felt bad since after a marathon you really are exhausted and not feeling the greatest but it was so good to be able to just be with my mom! It was a little bit of a tease cause I wish I could have spent more time but I will take anything! :) We hung out at the Marathon finish line all morning long-we got their quite early because we thought the race started earlier and because we didn't know what time to expect my mom to finish! But overall the kids did great and I enjoy cheering racers on. I have gotten a little emotional at the end of one of my marathons and so it brings back those feelings a bit. After the race we went to the park for the kids to play while my mom showered and came back and played with them. We thought we would go check out a pumpkin patch that I have heard about but our kids fell asleep in the car which we weren't surprised about at all…so we basically sat in the car for an hour and just chatted which was perfectly fine. We didn't care to do all the pumpkin patch festivities so we just walked through the little pumpkin patch-it got my in the Halloween festive mood a bit. After we went over to the splash pad area and let the kids play in the water while again we could just spend time with each other! Oh how I miss and love my mama!

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