Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Mommy Funk"

Having two children has been great and I am loving it! But it also brings motherhood to a new level which requires less and less alone time and "me time". Last week I was really struggling and was having a "Mom Funk" is what I called it. The funny thing is I knew the "funk" was coming because the week before I was having such a high with being a mom-everything was going so well and I just felt like I was loving every minute and my heart was just bursting throughout the day. And like we have heard and know-we go through this roller coaster in life of emotions and trails/hard times so since I was on a high I knew it couldn't last forever! 
Sadly my mom funk wasn't because my kids were being extra hard or naughty, the only reason I could think is that I was just feeling exhausted. My allergies seem to really been bothering me lately (or something else is wrong/off) and I haven't been sleeping as good as normal so I think I was just tired. I was tired of my responsibilities and not just being a mom but that of course is the biggest one for me right now. I was tired of doing the same things every day and not really seeing much from it-like the tedious tasks of making food and cleaning the kitchen up multiple times a day. I am glad I was able to notice I was in a funk and I really tried hard not to let it get to me too much and let me be a "bad mom". My mom reminded me that I need to have some "me time" everyday and to balance out all my responsibilities-and like I said with two kids is gets harder to have and you get less time for yourself. My biggest thing that helped was to just try to stay positive and enjoy my children because everyday they make me smile and not focus on my "to do" list as much. As we moms know we can't completely ignore our "to do" list because it just gets bigger and more overwhelming each day if so but once again finding a good balance and maybe just doing the minimum for that day or two. Finding the right balance I think is going to be a lifelong struggle but at least I know that and it won't be a surprise! ha!
Another thing for me is as much as it is sometimes harder to get out of the house and do things it is better for all of us if we do. If I stay home day after day doing nothing but my "responsibilities" that is when I notice I start to feel the "funk". Thankfully I was talking to my sister and we brought up maybe going to her house in California and go to the beach while Jesse went out of town for work. It wasn't necessarily the easiest thing to do but it was forcing me to get out of my house (away from the everyday things I have to do here) and have a little fun! So that is just what I did-it was a quick little trip but fun to get out and chat with her and go to the beach, eat yummy tacos, and enjoy some gelato! :) While my responsibilities of being a mother did not go away nor get any easier there I do think just changing things up a bit did help a little! But I didn't have to clean my house and cook dinner!

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  1. I take good selfies :) Kind of funny how the last picture is of Corbin crying and covered in sand. It made me smile.