Friday, September 5, 2014

Everyday life update.

Well I thought I would give a little update on just our everyday life here in Vegas. Not a whole lot goes on but we stay busy. 
Jesse of course is still really busy at work. He leaves usually around 7:30-7:45 am and is suppose to get off at 6 but we are lucky if he gets home before 6:30…its usually closer to 7 but sometimes 8 or occasionally 9. He sure does work hard and we appreciate it. I know its hard for him (and us) to be away from us so much and we are hoping it will somewhat slow down and he will be able to spend more time with us one day! Jesse enjoys the job but its just a lot of work! Working 12 hour days he comes home pretty tired and just needs to relax a bit but we try to start to get Corbin ready for bed around 7:30-8ish so it doesn't give us much time as a family. But hopefully sacrifice now and reap the benefits later- for future time together! Corbin loves going into Daddy's work! He loves to go see him and ride the golf carts and he loves to walk through the RV's! During the summer its not so enjoyable to go walk into those steaming hot RV's or even want to ride around in the golf cart with its always 100+ degrees! but hopefully Jesse won't mind us coming and visiting more when it cools down a bit!
A while ago now Jesse got tickets through work to the Foreigner and Styx Concert…I really wanted to go-it was too hard to pass up a cool free concert! So I took the boys and went for a bit-couldn't really enjoy it as much as I would have liked having a baby and a toddler but it was still fun to go for a bit. Corbin thought it was pretty cool and we dance around till he passed out!
A few weeks back Jesse had a work bowling night we went to for a bit! (they always have things after work when it is late and hard for us to come) It was Corbin's first time bowling and he loved it!
As for Corbin, Gavin, and I we hang around the house a lot but also need to get out a lot! When I am home I feel like I am in the kitchen 70% of the time. Cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner and cleaning it up and making a snack/treat/healthy goodie in between meals and cleaning up! I am trying to make healthy food and it takes a lot longer and makes bigger messes sometimes! Corbin loves to help make whatever I am making which is another reason it takes longer but I think its better for him to help then just sit and watch TV or something so I deal with it and make it a bonding time--and I might get a bit frustrated sometimes with him dumping something in or eating it as we go. He's totally into the "I DO IT!" stage with just about everything!
We like to go to the Library-they have story time and developmental activities that Corbin really enjoys! I don't know if we are lucky with what they do here at the libraries or if I just never knew what people could take advantage of for free entertainment and learning everywhere! I am hoping to make it a weekly thing or biweekly because it really is great!
We love our friends here and I feel so blessed to be able to have them and do things with them so often!  We go to the splash pad and parks, play at each others houses, and children museum! There are a lot of small kids in our ward. The primary president just told me we have now 22 kids in the nursery! And I just got called at the primary chorister! I am a bit nervous since I haven't been in primary for a long time and I have forgotten how they do things there but hopefully it will come back and things will go smoothly! I am a little nervous about making sure Gavin is ok and timing feedings out so he isn't screaming when I need to be doing music time! Jesse was teaching the 12-13 year old sunday school class but just got called at the assistant ward missionary.
My attempt to take a picture with the boys before church….
ended like this…. kinda sums up how things are usually. ha!
Corbin is go go go lately! I think he is so smart though (doesn't every parent think that). I think I can officially say he knows all of his letters and possibly numbers till 10-still messes some up when I ask him sometimes. He randomly counts things and it makes me happy-he'll even continue on into 11 12 13 but thats all I've heard him say so far. He struggles with colors but is slowly getting them. I think he favorite color is blue. He talks a ton and says the darnest things sometimes. One time we were walking to get the mail and there was a car parked on the side of the road and as he walks passed it he says "Excuse me car, Excuse me!" then after he passed it he says "yes, Thank you car, bye bye" He does things like that all the time that I wonder where he gets it from. ha!
He has his 2 year old tatrums that are quite lovely but I have to admit that this past little while has actually been pretty good for us. Not to say we don't have tantrums (daily) and me yelling and getting frustrated about something but overall its been pleasant. I am a little nervous to say that in hopes I don't jinx myself. But Corbin has been able to entertain himself more with his toys by himself and Gavin takes good naps in the morning so I can get a good amount done (when I am motivated to haha) But this past week or so I just feel like I am just loving where I am at. My kids are at fun stages-Corbin is a big goof ball that makes me laugh everyday and Gavin is smiling and interacting more with us! I feel like there is hardly a dull moment here! And I am constantly behind on cleaning though not going to lie-I am thinking that is just the life of a young mother though.
And I take too many pictures all day long most days-thats how I remember though. Maybe if I update a little more often and it doesn't take me over 2 weeks to write and finish a post I won't have so many pictures...
playing at the children's museum
He loves to play in the shutters and to have me scare him!

 Corbin sure loves his Daddy and gets so excited for him to be home. Some days we will run out and Jesse will take him on a quick ride just up and down the street in the front seat of the car. And most days when Jesse leaves and we are eating breakfast Corbin makes us go outside and watch Jesse leave and say goodbye on the driveway. Which is kinda adorable when he waves and says goodbye and blows a kiss.
Of course Corbin wants his picture taken when I am trying to take Gavin's but runs away now when I try to take one of him usually.
 One of our rough days…we had quite a few-hope to not have too many again though.
Corbin struggles sleeping….nothing new. I love to sneak pictures while he is sleeping. But he will always walk out of his room with is pillow and pillow case and either sleep in his door way, by the stairs, or by our doorway. Every night he comes into our room in the middle of the night and sleeps next to our bed….a habit I definitely want to break soon! (but I don't even hear him any more…)
 Just thought he would go swimming in his water table...
We went through a spurt that he was in the tub everyday multiple times...

Sure love being a wife and mommy!

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