Thursday, August 21, 2014

So…we have been gone a lot...

My brother said to me "I think you have been away from your house more than you have lived there" or something along those lines….and Yes I admit we have been on the go a lot since we have moved here. I have been up to Utah twice and to Cali twice and we are going to Bear Lake next week…ha! But my husband does work A LOT and I need to keep my sanity plus its summer and people are away during summer a lot-We have to get away from this heat! And we are adjusting living away from family!
So we went to California again because my Dad's new wife Lezlee's family stays at the beach for a week each year and wanted us to come if we could. I of course with a newborn did not commit to anything but I don't like to ever turn down a trip to the beach. I knew I couldn't camp out so my sister Courtney and I decided we would spend a night at a hotel and then be able to spend 2 days with them. I drove up to her house on a Thursday spent the night there then drove an hour or so to Carlsbad State beach and spent Friday night in a hotel with 4 kids….yeah we didn't sleep much. Then we drove back to her house and slept there Saturday night and drove home Sunday.
It is a little more difficult to go to the beach with a baby but doable. We just had a lot more stuff to carry down-thankfully I had people watch me struggle and help. I had Gavin in the carseat (since I knew he would sleep in that), a diaper bag, a beach bag, a canopy, and Corbin who HAD to be held as well. It was quite the site trying to walk down I don't know how many stairs down to the beach. ha!
We stayed at the beach all day long and Corbin absolutely loved it! I was worried if he would be ok there all day long but he couldn't get enough of the waves, sand, toys, and everyone who would play with him. He totally bosses around anyone who allows him to!
Sadly no pictures of Gavin because he slept most the time and he has the worst rash on his face so he wasn't looking so good for pictures! ha ha
A few weeks after we went back to Utah because my brother Matthews Farewell. Jesse had to go out of town for work on Tuesday so I figured I should just go to Utah then instead of stay home since we would be going to Utah as soon as he got home. Well the flights were like $100 more for Tuesday so I flew out on Sunday instead and spent the week in Utah (instead of just the weekend) First time flying with both kiddos and I got lucky the plane wasn't full at all so we got the extra seat and Gavin slept the whole time in the car seat! I was happy to spend the week there and help my mom prepare for the farewell and Matt leaving.
 We had my Grandpa Eddy's 75th birthday party on that Saturday and it was nice to get together with all my aunt and uncles and most of my cousins from the Eddy side.
Sunday was quite the day. My mom wanted to get some family pictures done before Matthew left since we don't have any pictures with all of us together. Well sadly Tyler didn't show up but we had to still take them. We will see how they turned out-you can't expect much with 8 kids under 5. 
Matthews farewell went well! A lot of preparation and we had way too much food! haha but better more than not enough-its hard to know how much when your feeding 100+ people! He is going to be a good missionary! I can't believe he is going to South Korea and is going to learn how to speak Korean! crazy! Sure hope he is doing well-it has been a week now since he left. His mission will be so good for him!
I made this subway art for display at my moms house with his mission picture!
We decided that it was a good time to bless Gavin since the family would be around for Matt's Farewell. Sadly the Bishop in my brother's ward didn't want us to bless him during sacrament meeting (we still don't really know why for sure) but so we bless him that evening at the Jensen's home. I felt bad because it seems like just one more thing happening that weekend when really we thought it would be nice to be able to have a lot of my family there but of course most couldn't stay till that evening so it didn't really work out-but it was at least nice to have our immediate family there and grandparents (instead of doing it in Vegas)
My mom sewed his cute blessing outfit! She doesn't sew much so it took her a while but it turned out so cute and I am so happy she takes on the challenge so that we can have the special blessing outfit made my Grandma! (especially when she has been so busy with so many other things!) I loved it!
We got the opportunity before we left back to Vegas to go to the Ogden Temple open house. It is gorgeous! One of the first things you see is the baptismal font. Corbin is always asking "whats that" lately so I of course told him and then he saw a picture of Jesus being baptized and asked as well what it was. The rest of the tour Corbin just kept saying "Baptize! Jesus Baptize!" It was so bright and hot when we came out and made it a little difficult but we hurry and snapped a few pictures! And then of course had to go get some ice cream at Farrs…Corbin might have completely stained his shirt.
After the temple we came back and packed all of our things and flew home! I must say being able to visit so much lately has made it not so bad living away….but I think reality will hit here soon when I don't get to see our families nearly as often. But it will also be good to finally be here long enough to get to know our ward and get in a routine here!

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