Thursday, August 14, 2014

Month one and two for Gavin

Well I officially know now that the second child just doesn't get nearly as much attention as the first. Gavin is getting a little neglected in his updating and to tell you the truth just stuff in everyday life…sad I know but that just how it goes I guess. I really wanted to make sure to keep up on updating his growth and development and just fun things about him but I must say it is a lot harder with two kids. I am just not finding the time to sit down on my computer and write something up. But Gavin is laying on my chest sleeping..ish right now and Corbin is sitting right next to me as I try to entertain him with the kindle and tv but of course he just wants my attention. ha!
So short and sweet Gavin at one month: I got another child who spits up a lot…sadly. He isn't as uncomfortable as Corbin was and thankfully doesn't cry/fuss nearly as much. He does grunt like crazy in the mornings which is pretty annoying because half the time he's asleep but grunting so loud that I can't sleep-and I tried putting him in a different room but then he would just cry-couldn't quite figure it out! A tired mama in the morning is not a very happy mama though….We had our rough days where he didn't sleep and I feel like he was fussing most the day but overall not too bad. I just had spit up on me all the time and we both smell like spit up. Sadly he gets it caught in his neck rolls…yes he has a neck it just hides most the time behind his double chin. By one month old he had slept 6 straight hours at night a couple times. He doesn't have much hair but in the back and the sides more than the top. He barely was fitting into his newborn size diapers and clothes by one month. Can't tell who he really look like….I just say he looks like a typical Caucasian newborn baby! Some days I see a little bit of Jesse or me and sometimes I think he looks like Corbin so I don't know? ha It will be interesting to see who he looks like because he is changing always so much everyday! And he learned how to scowl from day one!
Gavin at 2 months: My boy is sure growing. He might spit up still a good amount but he is chunking out quite a bit and growing way too fast! I do feel like the spit up is slowing down but he still does all day long! I think he has just learned how to swallow it sometimes now before it comes all the way out-it's sad when he starts choking on it cause it just keeps coming up! :( He also has had really sensitive skin. Around 6-8 weeks old he got a way bad rash on his face I thought it was a little baby acne but it spread and got worse. I changed detergent and that might have helped a little but I also think it was some heat rash too! It did spread all over his body but he got it the worst in his poor face! He then got cradle cap on his eye brows and they crusted over and a little on his head. Poor kid wasn't lookin so good for pictures ha ha! And no one warned me that your second child grows faster! He's already out of the small newborn stage I feel like! :( He is growing out of clothes so fast! (some of the cute outfits he only wore once :( ) and I was quite disappointed when I couldn't button up his shirt for him to wear a bow tie to church....He is now in size 2 diapers (I bought too many size one thinking he would be in them longer-bummer) He has had a handful of blowouts. But he has some cute rolls on his upper legs that you only get the opportunity to see if you change his diaper! ;) He is a great sleeper I feel like (I am comparing to Corbin though who at 2 months was still feeding/waking up every 2 hours around the clock). Gavin has gone 8-9 hours now at night! and a few times throughout the day slept up to 6 hours-in his car seat…he sleeps so well in there and its great when we have to run errands! He does love to be held still though! And he's kinda a mamas boy right now-but just cause he knows where his food/comfort comes from. He nuzzles in head into my arm while I am holding him and I feel like he won't be able to breathe but that is what he always does when I am holding him and trying to put him to sleep. He falls asleep usually with a binky right now-loves to suck. Which at the beginning I confused with being hungry-I did the same with Corbin but I feel like I know for the most part now when he is hungry or when he is just tired. Still no set routine I feel like besides eating usually every 3-4 hours during the day. Everyday is a bit different with how much he is awake and asleep but still sleeps most the day I guess most days. I usually try to get him down for the night somewhere between 8-9 now and I feel like he's up around 6:30am but that might just be cause Corbin is. But like I said not really a schedule yet-different everyday. He has smiled for me a few times now-love when they start smiling. But he definitely knows how to pull the cutest sad face! And he has a cry that just breaks your heart because it sound like he is just so offended and hurt. He can look so big and chubby (and goofy) in some pictures with his double chin!


  1. Oh Marissa he's so cute!! And you look amazing!

  2. He's sure a cute one! We sure miss you guys so much! Can you just move back to Kays now?

  3. I sure wish I could comment on individual pictures. I felt like Christopher with some of the captions that were coming to mind as I scrolled through pictures. You do well with keeping it reader friendly length.