Monday, July 28, 2014

Hello Utah

It has taken me too long to get to writing about our trip to Utah and that means I forgot a lot. So pictures will have bring back some memories…yes I write that as it was years ago but thats how well I remember things!…sad I know!  
I talked with Jesse about the kids and I going to Utah because he has been so busy with work..12 hour days and I feel like very little time off. (he had 2 shows within weeks of each other) We decided it would be nice for me to go spend time with family and friends and be able to get help and get out! I do not do very well staying home day after day and not getting out and talking with adults! I also thought it would be nice to be able to be there for the 4th of July. So I planned to go up for a week or so but didn't have any set plans.

I was a little nervous to drive to Utah by myself. That is like 7+ hours in the car with two kiddos--one a nursing baby! But I figured I could take my time if needed and try not to worry. We made it to St. George and we were doing well-Corbin had already taken a nap and I didn't hear Gavin once. I needed to feed him though and it was 100+ degrees so I decided there was a McDonalds right off the freeway-but bummer no playplace. It was a little hard to entertain Corbin in a booth while trying to feed Gavin-I love when I get people looking at me…so I figured out one dilemma while traveling with both of them-or just being out of public in general when Gavin needs to eat.
 I was very surprised with how well they both did so overall the ride up was successful besides me getting pulled over and getting a ticket. Yes I was speeding but only like 7 over-I was really upset when he came to the car and saw that it was me alone with 2 children and then wrote me over for 11!! I swear he saw that I lived in Las Vegas and knew I couldn't fight it and needed to hit the quota for the month being the end of the month!! ugh! but what can you do I guess-still kinda upset about it. We also did hit 2 spots of construction that added on about an hour-there is always some sort of construction work going on between Vegas and Utah.
I was excited to get to Utah and spend time with everyone! And did you know that Utah really is beautiful and GREEN! That was basically the first thing I told my mom would I got there! Didn't know how brown and dead looking Vegas was I guess till I drove back and admired those mountains! I love the Wasatch Mountains!
Monday we went to the Kaysville Splash pad and Corbin was excited to be with his cousins! He just followed Macie around! That evening we went over to Grandpa and Grandma Haws because Megan made Grandpa a cake for his birthday! We hung out there for a few hours and Corbin discovered the sprinklers-he thought they were the greatest thing-and I let him enjoy them and get soaking wet! plus the weather was so pleasant! It was so nice to just sit outside and relax and not sweat to death!
 We went over to Brooklyn's house on Tuesday morning and let the kids play! Corbin was in Heaven-He loved it there and all the toys they have! We went over to my friend Kylee's and had lunch with her and Ramsey! 5 kids now between the 3 of us! crazy!
Tuesday night I started feeling like I was getting sick-but I didn't know if it was just me getting tired since it was getting late and my kids didn't sleep the best the night before. But then my whole body started feeling achy and even hurt to a soft touch. I was a little nervous as it just got worse…and my breast was aching but I didn't know if it was because Gavin went a long time in between feedings? Well before I went to bed it was on fire and I read up and figured out I had the symptoms to mastitis! ugh! I was way nervous because I thought my insurance only covered in Nevada and I was feeling exhausted and awful at this point and just thought how am I going to take care of my kids tomorrow-plus it was my birthday! I started looking up natural ways to help it and applied a few things all night long. I woke up feeling better but could still tell it was there. I tried calling my doctor to see if they could just call me in a antibiotic-they never got back to me. I went to the park with my friend, Jodie Newbold, from my old neighborhood but started feeling really exhausted. I ate lunch with my mom at her work and then came home and attempted to lay down for a bit and kept applying oils that I had. I went out to dinner with my family-basically for Matt's birthday since his is the 3rd-silly brother always takes over my birthday as well. ha! We went to Kneaders after and got us some dessert. Candace called me as we sat down and I was chatting with her and next thing I know I look over and Corbin has eaten all my fruit off my fruit tart and was licking the cream part out of the crust. Oh the life of a mother right!? Happy birthday to me…haha! Overall my birthday went well even though I was a little sick..but thankfully I was able to get rid of the mastitis and feel completely better within a day or two!
Jesse was able to fly in that Thursday and spend the 3rd and 4th with us! We spent a few hours at Camping World that day-he just can't get enough of work I guess! ;) We went and had pizza with his Grandparents the evening and than had Jesse's friends over that night!
For the 4th of July we headed to Plain City in the morning so that Jesse could see Grandma! Corbin loved the firetruck!
After we had to go to the Kaysville parade because my mom was in it for Mother of the Year and I knew Corbin would enjoy it! The first 10 minutes was the best…with the firetrucks, veterans, the band, and my mom in her hot convertible with my sisters and brother! Corbin thought it was the coolest thing ever that they threw candy he got so excited! not too surprised about that one but it was cute! They loved the music and danced around.
After the parade we had everyone come over to the Jensens and swim! Corbin loves swimming! and I just stayed in the cool house with Gavin!
We had a BBQ at my moms house and watched fireworks in the front yard. Corbin thought the fireworks were cool but they were really loud!
Sad that Jesse had to leave us early morning on Saturday-back to work he went. Corbin had some good bonding time with Grandpa Jensen.
It was Great Grandpa Jensens birthday on the 5th so we went out to Plain City and talked about some memories and let off balloons and had cake and ice cream in his honor.
Grandpa and Grandma Haws wanted to take me out to lunch for my birthday but we decided to have Jodie and Brooklyn and the kids come as well. We went to Kneaders and the kids were all in one booth together. Corbin wanted to get out so I let him but he had to sit on my lap. I was getting a little nervous because Gavin was getting fussy and I knew he would need to eat soon. I was trying to feed Corbin and I grab a grape but it looked nasty was all mushy. Right after I told Jodie that he looked gross Corbin starts throwing up ALL OVER! It went everywhere. This was the first time Corbin has ever thrown up. Felt so bad for him you could tell he couldn't understand what was going on. My dress was filled with throw up and the floor was covered in it. Thankfully Jodie and everyone else was there to help. She starts cleaning us up as well as an employee and Grandma Haws grabs Gavin as he is screaming! It was one of those lovely mom moments that happen in public. Basically after we got all cleaned up we rushed out there to get home to finished cleaning up and to feed Gavin. I thought maybe he got sick from the food because right after he was completely fine and nothing was wrong no other symptoms.
Well in the middle of the night Corbin wakes up and throws up again! It again went everywhere but I rushed him to the bathroom to finish. Poor guy! The next day we were alone there since Scott and Jodie had to leave to Trek. Well I didn't want to take him anywhere or have him around other kids if he really was sick. He acted fine all day long and never threw up-but it made for a lame day to be in Kaysville but be stuck inside a house by ourselves-the reason why we came there in the first place. major bummer. My sister in law Ali and her kids were coming to town that evening-one of the reasons why I stayed in Kaysville longer so we could spend some time with them since they live in Nebraska right now. That night around midnight Corbin wakes up and throws up again. ugh! But this time he was in a lot of pain! He was crying and moaning and you could tell his stomach was killing him. I could not figure out what was going on! well thankfully he relieved some gas-and after was able to fall back asleep! The next morning I fed him rice chex-thinking that easy on the stomach "BRAT" diet. Nope he threw it up. Bummer…he really was sick. Sadly we were planning on going to the Aquarium that day with all the cousins….but we ended up being home alone again since he was sick! A big reason I went to Utah was so I wasn't stuck at our house alone and to get out with be with people…so it was disappointing to me but Corbin was still happy with the different house and different toys.
Since I was pretty bummed and disappointed with Corbin being sick for those few days my mom and sister Brooke knew I needed to get out and have some "fun" and the convince me to go out with them to the chick fil la cow appreciation day-which means a free meal if you dress up like a cow! Felt a bit foolish but when everyone around you is dressed just as silly its no big deal. We were there late because my mom got a little distracted playing with Corbin the the play place. It was hilarious looking. She said he "begged" her to go up with him so being the good Grandma she is she climbed up and played with him! wonder how many looks she got! ha ;)
We had been away from Jesse for 2 weeks and we were ready to see him again! We were all missing each other! We enjoyed our stayed…minus being sick. Its hard to live away from family but we know we are learning and having opportunities with living in Vegas…now if only everyone could just come move to Vegas! ha! On the way home we of course have to make plenty of stops for Gavin…and Corbin. They both did well on the way home again. When we stopped in St. George to feed Gavin I decided to let Corbin play in the splash pad…I already had his swimsuit in the car so I figured why not…plus like I said before it can be hard to entertain him while I am feeding Gavin! He sure enjoyed it-and it was awesome I must say. They have made it so its like playing in a river-way pretty!
Well since it has taken me weeks to finally finishing writing this blog post..we are now going back to Utah in a week (for my brothers farewell-crazy)…time is going by fast! I feel quite busy. But I know things are going to slow down after that and its going to get hard being away.

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