Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gavin's Newborn Pictures

When we moved to Vegas I was a little worried about who was going to take Gavin's pictures. My sister Courtney took Corbin's and it worked out nicely that way…but I didn't know if she would be able to. I started searching for some photographers here in Vegas…and holy crap people charge a lot of money for newborns. I knew I for sure wanted some but for that price I felt like maybe I could take a few myself-I really didn't want to spend hundred of dollars on pictures right now. (I really would love to do photography if I had a really nice camera and all the stuff) I wrote on a Facebook vegas page asking if anyone knew of photographers that didn't charge as much-I looked around and didn't find much I liked. I felt a little discouraged but thought Courtney could possibly still take them sometime. I few weeks before Gavin was born I had 2 different random people contact me through that Facebook post saying that are starting up their photography business and would like to take a few photos at no charge. Wow…ok sure you can use my son to build you portfolio! Knowing they were beginners I didn't expect them to be very good and ask Courtney if she could possibly as a backup. But surprisingly they turn out better than I thought and I am happy with them. Sadly Gavin was just like Corbin and didn't really want to sleep much but we still got a few.
I LOVE the ones of Corbin and Gavin together. I took one of them myself just up on our bed! He loves kissing his brother!

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