Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hit a rough patch here.

So how are things going? Well it depends on when you ask... 3 days ago I would have said great! I feel very blessed that I recovery fast and my mother-in-law was in shock that I was throwing my 2 year old up in the air and feeling good overall! (But of course not %100-It makes you feel real good when Corbin asks "mommy's diaper?"…uh sure I guess thats what we can call this pad a have to wear…ha) I was ready to go out and even said I was kinda bored staying at home! Gavin was a great newborn eating and sleeping well and things were going smoothly and I was very grateful! 2 kids were definitely busier and less "me" time but I was adjusting well I thought!

Well we have had a few rough days and I'll just admit that I haven't showered in days and yes I do believe I stink, there are dirty diapers around the house, unfolded laundry and piles of dirty laundry dirty, dishes on the counter and sink and I haven't made dinner those last few days. Jesse works 12+ hours a day and I think I'm going to get stuff done when he's home but by the time I figure out what I'm going to do for dinner it's bedtime and next thing it's 9:00 and I'm exhausted but trying to feed Gavin and then happy if I have energy to brush my teeth....this sounds more like life with a toddler and newborn right?! Ha ha! 

Corbin came down with a fever and was very needy and Gavin went from being content with eating and sleeping to wanting to be held all day long or their was screaming! I was holding/carrying around 2 kids half the day and eating leftover cookies for breakfast... Thankfully this has only been the last couple days! But my mom says I need to write it down to look back and remember and maybe even laugh a little about some of these mother moments! I tend to text/call to vent and tell her everything-I believe it is healthy to talk about what is happening good and bad-especially when you don't get adult time to just talk. You might wonder how I have time to write this--well I'm laying in bed feeding Gavin and somehow Corbin only sleeping very minimum last night is still awake so yes I've turned into that mom who just puts a movie on and I don't feel bad about it one bit! Ha! (I usually would cause I don't like him to watch too much tv but I can't even tell you how many times we have watch The Incredibles these last couple days) 

We had a very rough night last night with Corbin having hand foot and mouth--he I guess has a lot of sores in his mouth and wouldn't/couldn't even eat or drink. He would beg for a drink and then just looked and it and cried because it hurt too much to even drink! It was so sad to see him that miserable! He would fall asleep but never sleep more than 10-20 minutes without waking up it crying in pain! Poor guy! But Jesse and I were/am exhausted! He finally went to sleep after 4:00 am when I sang a bunch of songs to him for I don't know how long (until Gavin was hungry and I had to feed him) And you would think he would be exhausted and sleeping--I seriously don't know how he fights sleep so well! We are hoping the worst is over for him but we are just praying Gavn doesn't get Hand foot mouth (yes it is so so contagious) because he'll be in the hospital because of the fever! I had Jesse give both the boys blessings last night! This sickness stuff is so scary with a newborn-not the best timing! And I know Jesse feels awful because he is so so busy with work right now and wants to help!

"This too shall pass" I'm not worried! Just making my way through this rough patch-I sure hoping it doesn't get any more rough! And I'm excited to go up to Kaysville next week as long as we are over this sickness! 


  1. I'm sad for you. I wish I lived closer. I probably wouldn't go in your infected house but I would drop some food off.

  2. THat sounds so stressful! Why do you not still live down the street from me!!!!! Things can really only go up from there right?