Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ok baby brother we are ready!

Alright I think I am ready to have this baby…well as ready as I am going to get. There are plenty of random things I still could do and get done but I'm just about sick of doing those "things" ha! I stocked my fridge a bit and the house is mostly clean (how long does it really stay clean with a toddler?).....ok to be honest I think I'm finally to the point of being way uncomfortable! And yes I know I'm blessed that I do pretty good basically the whole pregnancy-I'm just 39 weeks and to the point I feel like people are staring when I'm in public! Ha! I'm quite large! And this past few weeks I've packed on that extra layer of fat to make someone feel real good-me and the babe building fat up! ;) new stretch marks are showing up....more than with Corbin and each day I never know what new ones I'm going to find! ;) If I were to complain it would probably sound something like that ;) ....but compared to some peoples pregnancies I can't complain at all! But basically I'm anxious to meet my little guy now! (He still doesn't have a for sure name picked out....why is it so hard?) I'm nervous about being exhausted (because I have been pretty tired lately-getting harder to sleep even if I'm way tired-gotta love that part) and being able to entertain Corbin-he still likes my %100 attention. But I'm excited for visitors! :) He's learning he kisses babies not hit so hopefully that part will go smoothly. (He randomly kisses my belly) We both need to get out often-we go crazy staying home all day but it's now above 100 degrees here a lot of days and it's quite toasty being outside… 
So baby brother we will hopefully meet you this next week! :) I pray everything will go smoothly...I am a little more nervous since we don't have family around-my sweet new friend volunteered to watch Corbin when "it happens" and my mom will come down as soon as I let her know I am in labor. So now the waiting game…but I can surprisingly say I am kinda getting bored...

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  1. I've been wondering how you've been! But I've been resisting the urge to text you every day to see if you've had the baby yet (I hate it when people do that to me when I'm pregnant). You look so great though! Can't wait to see pics of baby boy and hear what you name him!