Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Corbin is 2!

Well its time for the update on Corbin…him turning 2 and all! He is definitely a busy toddler now! I have been in denial and wanted him to still be my baby--but now I guess that we will be having another baby and he is well passed that I can come to realization that I have a toddler. ha! ;)
I am not going to lie it was a rough couple weeks here--basically since we moved here. (but is finally getting better now) He was just really ornery and needy and bossy and whiney…and everything else that comes with those terrible twos! I was really getting nervous for having 2 children and on the verge of a breakdown at some points because I was exhausted. I tried to figure out why he was like that and give hope to myself that he was going to be a happy child again and it wasn't his new self. 

The major thing I figured out was that he was not getting enough sleep here! He was taking short naps,  going to bed too late and then waking up WAY too early. Like 5 am too early. He still has never slept pass 6:30-but I figured its because Vegas time is an hour behind Utah and he was usually waking up between 7-7:40 so I am blaming it on that. (still hate to wake up that early though…) We also switch him to a toddler bed--his car bed which is loves! But also figured out he can get out and come to our room. First night I put him in he did awesome-slept through the night and I even went into his room and got him in the morning. I thought it was a great transition! After that--kind of a disaster for a while. He was waking up multiple times in the night and wanting to be with us in our room. ugh it was awful and exhausting! (when you have a child in your face at 5 am demanding you to get "UP!" after feeling like you hardly got sleep) But on his defense the wind here can get really loud and sound pretty scary in his room. Thankfully he is doing better now--still have to fight with him a bit to stay in his room some days (threaten to put him in the pack n play…which he hates) but overall we are making good progress and just yesterday I finally put up some black out curtain to see if it will help with naps and sleeping in a bit! Right now he goes to bed around 8-9--yeah kinda a big gap but its hard when Jesse gets home late and when its light outside still-some days we start our bedtime routine at 7:30 but he fights it till then. He wakes up usually no later than 6:15 and then usually naps around 1-for an hour and 30 minutes--or if I am real lucky 2.

He is 100% at the stage of "I do it!" "my turn!" And usually I can handle it pretty well and understand that if I just let him "help" then we don't have nearly as many tantrums! Everything does take a lot longer…and is sometimes frustrating (and messy) but our day goes so much smoother if I let him learn and do things! He actually has become my little side kick and buddy and I do enjoy doing things with him! He basically helps me make dinner or cookies or whatever else--and I just deal with it not being made exactly the way it is suppose to and hope they work out! ;) But we do have fun together! He likes to always have me around and if not playing with him then watching him play and at least being with him! (makes me a bit nervous being busy with a newborn here soon) I recently taught him basically not to boss me around so much--he was always "mom..come!!" "mom I DO IT!!" "I HELP!!" I now remind him to say "please" so he still bosses me…but with a nice "please come" "I help, please" and I must admit its so cute to hear him say but I almost get annoyed because then I feel like I can't say no! ha!
Sometimes it makes other parents a little nervous watching him go up the playground!
He insisted on helping me with the eggs and had to learn the hard way that "Mommy has to do it!"
Thought he should take the bear to the bathroom...
He is definitely all boy-loves his cars still, loves to throw balls, and wrestle/be tinkled (I love hearing his giggle and then ask for more), and destroy things, loves the dirt (and still thinks its funny to eat it at times….ugh gross), loves watching tractors, and recently loves to watch the garbage man come-and is quite devastated if we miss him (good thing they come twice a week here) And I guess most boys think farting his funny?!... He loves to read right now and he has even sat in his room by himself for quite some time "reading" books by himself! (I need to find some more good books because I feel like I have most of them memorized now) He loves food...He is a teenage boy when it comes to eating the past few weeks. I am hoping it might be just a growth spurt but this kid eats so much!! First thing in the morning is "HUNGEE!!" and every hour throughout the day he is asking to eat. I seriously am worried some days! I even try to feed him "filling" foods but hopefully he will slow down because I run out of ideas of what to feed him! He still chooses fruit over basically anything. ok chocolate would probably win but besides that! ha! He is a healthy eater overall and will eat most everything I give him which is nice-so we will see if he is "overweight" at his appointment but I am not really worried about that because he is so active and I feel like pretty healthy!
He loves the splash park!! he would go every day if I had the motivation to go everyday. ha! (or if I didn't have other things I needed to get done) we do go quite often though--and to a regular park-he loves the swings!--If not then I have a little water table in the backyard! Or he loves to get into the bath/shower. He already complains about the heat….well not really when we are playing outside but only when we try to get in the car-he fights it and complains its too hot and even tries to blow on his car seat--and don't worry I check to make sure and it really is just nice and warm-not too hot yet!--so…we are going to be in more trouble here in just a few short weeks--it has already hit over 100 here but for the most part I think it has been pleasant in the 80s! (Im enjoying it for now)
too bad we moved away from Grandpa and Grandmas pool cause Corbin loves it...
our neighborhood splash spark that Corbin loves.

He is talking a lot more! And of course as a mom you think your child is so smart! I love watching him learn and grow and start to do new things! It's amazing how fast they can learn sometimes!

Yes, I do complain about him sometimes--but being a mom is not always easy! (and I need to vent a little ha!) But even if I do complain I wouldn't change him because I think he is so fun and it is the biggest blessing to be his mom! He seriously entertains me so much! He can be hilarious! He is such a goof ball and loves the attention! He face expression still kill me! He can be the sweetest boy and just randomly give you kisses and hugs/snuggle! And I might have taught him to show me how much he loves me by holding his arms out wide!…and I might ask him throughout the day! ;) Everyday I look at his sweet cute face and am grateful to be his mom!
He loves visiting daddy at work and needs a golf cart ride basically every time now...
silly boy…who fights me to get dressed often. --boys just love to be naked..
so he's been wanting to go the bathroom on the toilet…so I don't fight him--but no he's not potty trained. I wasn't ready for it--even though maybe he is?
I found him/walk in on him like this on the toilet....he had climbed up by himself to go potty!!
For his birthday I originally got him just a train track and I was going to call it good since he's 2 he doesn't know the difference and it's a great gift. Well I stopped by a nice garage sale the day before and scored some great stuff! It made me quite happy! And Corbin got a few more things for his birthday! Ha
He loves is train though! :)
And his lawn mower!…since we don't have any grass here…ha!
(yes when I went to pick up his little cake they had his named spelled wrong even though I spelled it out to them…I don't think English was her first language…)

We sure love you, Corbin! :)

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