Monday, May 5, 2014

California trip-Round two

As I mention, I decided to make the best out of the situation of my stuff taking a week to get to our new house, and I went to California to spend time with family! I would have never thought I would be going back so soon since I was just there in Feburary (and funny thing is Jesse had me go since he was going to be gone for a week and didn't want me home alone for that long-but then now spent basically two months away working in Vegas when we stayed home-go figure ha!)
I drove down to Vegas with Jesse Friday and spent the night (slept on some patio furniture that night-it was that or the floor) and Saturday morning Corbin and I drove to to my sister's Courtney's house-about 3 hours away!  My mom and brother Matt were there visiting (which my mom originally had planned the trip to visit Courtney in Cali and us in Vegas-but surprisingly we weren't quite in Vegas yet)
Saturday Evening we went to a little nature center and went on a hike!
Saturday night we went to an ice cream pallor restaurant that has such a fun atmosphere! There is a candy shop right when you walk in-not a good idea when we are trying to wait to be seated-so of course Corbin was like a fat kid in a Candy shop and wanted all the candy!
We might have told them it was Corbin's Birthday-(Hey it was within a month and we won't be able to celebrate it with them anyways ha) Because they come out and sing and it's fun for the kids! Corbin didn't quite know what was going on-plus it was late at night but he still enjoyed it and love the noise and of course ice cream!

Easter Sunday we went to church in the morning and had a little Easter egg hunt for the kids and then spent the afternoon at the park. Max got a new kite and we all had to try it out and enjoy the weather! We tried to plan it so Jesse could come and spend the day with us but it was just too hard with work and traveling there.
We brought up possibly going to Disneyland since Courtney and her family have passes but I didn't know if it would be worth spending that money with Corbin only being almost 2. She said Ella has really enjoyed it and there was still plenty to do so I decided (with Jesse permission) Might as well go big and really take advantage of this now "vacation" ;) I am sure glad I did! We had a great time and Corbin really enjoyed it! We got there around 10 am and just went all day long! One ride to the next! I didn't know there were so many rides Corbin could actually ride!
Its a small world…one of those rides that just makes me happy!
Riding the train 
Riding dumbo together!
Meeting Mickey!
Corbin did finally zonk out for about an hour when we went to go find food for dinner but after we ate we continued getting as much in.
We watched the parade which Corbin loved as well! And I had to get him some Mickey ice cream-my boy loves ice cream and it of course makes for a cute picture to remember his first Disneyland trip!
 I didn't think we were going to stay as late as we did because we didn't think the kids would last but we didn't leave the park till about 10:30! We were pretty exhausted but in a good way! :)
And what is a trip to California if you don't go hang out at the beach for a bit! ;) We went Wednesday morning for just a few hours and the kids loved playing in the sand, running away from the waves, and collecting sea shells! But those dang seagulls are quite feisty there! When we were all down by the water they came and open our bags up and got quite a bit of our food! They took two whole sandwiches which were in plastic baggies and then in a grocery bag and got into our apples as well! Good thing the kids were distracted playing and weren't too interested in eating all the food anyways I guess!
Wednesday night I drove back to Las Vegas and it worked out quite well-Corbin fell asleep within about 30 minutes and slept the rest of the time! Trying to entertain him in the car is not too fun so I am grateful when he sleeps! :) and then Thursday bright and early and moving truck came and we unpacked all day…I am basically unpacked but at the same time not really. I have a lot to do still but its the stuff that can wait because everything is functional now! but I better get on the other stuff before this baby comes to I can really feel like everything is in order!

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  1. Looks like such a fun trip! Good luck getting settled in your new house :)