Friday, May 16, 2014

Can't stay away from Kaysville too long...

Well I hadn't lived in Vegas more than 2 weeks and I made the trek back home…but for 2 good reasons.
First---I get a phone call from my mom…it was one of her phone calls where you answer and its silent but you can hear or just tell that she is crying-its usually not the best of phone call to get from her…my first thought is always "oh no, what happened this time" and it was the same for this phone call…your heart sinks as you wait for her to be able to tell you what is going on. Well, thankfully this time it was a happy cry (I guess you can call it) She told me the mayor of Kaysville called her and told her I nominated her for Mother of the Year for Kaysville City and she was chosen! So, for some reason me being very emotional at the time -then I started crying too! ha! It meant so much to me to have her know how much she means to me! So…that is what brought me to Kaysville first. They were having a luncheon in there honor and she said I needed to come and be there with her! I figured I would jump on the opportunity to see her and spend time with her! And I thought it was great that it happened to be the same weekend as Mother's day-and it worked out great that I could be able to be there with her! :)
So it was pretty random why I had actually nominated her. While I was attempting to pack up my house I saw the nomination request from the mail-and anything to distract me from packing I would do. I decided to sit down and write a little something about her-cause I really do think she is one amazing woman and deserves the award. After writing a little something I saw that it said please have it 100 words or less-so I copy and pasted it into word document to make sure I was ok to find out I wrote over 400 words!! uh…how am I suppose to take out 3/4 of what I just wrote?? bummer! I just thought well dang this is going to have to be really brief….so I started taking out chunks here and there and trying to shorten sentences as well as I could which was a bummer. But what makes it even worse was a didn't save the original thing I wrote. I think at the point I knew I needed to get back to packing and I really didn't think anything would come of it-I didn't know how many people would be nominated or anything. But so this is what I ended up submitting:
Mom of 6. She’s always there to help and volunteer her time for other’s needs. She is your best friend because you can easily talk with, joke with, cry with, and just enjoy every minute with her. She’s a great example of working hard and not giving up when times are hard. She has been through plenty of trials and never fails to stay positive and pick herself and others back up and find joy in life. She never stops showing love even when her children aren't making the best decision. You always know she will accept and love you.

Here is the article that was written for her: Davisclipper

Her with the Mothers from the other cities!
Courtney, Candace. and Tyler weren't able to make it..

I planned on just Corbin and I driving up-I figured I have done the drive before with him and it wasn't too bad….but then plans changed a little..
Second reason for going to Kaysville---Sadly Grandpa Jensen passed away the morning of May 4. He was slowing declining in his health and there wasn't much they could do for him at this point. They had recently put him on hospice but it was still hard to hear the news. I have only been in the family a little over 4 years but he has definitely made me feel loved and part of the family. He was one of those people where he was always smiling no matter the circumstance. Grandpa Jensen just always had a smile on his face and thats how you knew he looked! So Jesse took off work and drove to Kaysville with us. We had the viewing Friday night-which Grandpa Blaine Jensen was a very well known man so he had a lot of people there! Then we had the funeral all of Saturday. It was a good funeral-many tears shed though. He will be missed!
Corbin Blaine Jensen was named after Grandpa and we are happy that we will always have that little part of him with us! Everyone comments on Corbins cute smile and I would like to say he got a good part it from Grandpa Jensen!

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