Friday, May 2, 2014

We have officially moved to Las Vegas

Well, a lot has happen in these last few weeks…I would have love to have gotten on and wrote a little sooner but my internet was the biggest pain to get up and working-trust me you don't want the details (Thankfully I have a mom and sister to vent to) but there was plenty of frustration and tears sadly. But now a week later and 8 hours on the phone (no exaggeration) and switching companies I have working internet finally! (between that and finding new health insurance it has been the biggest headache-ugh)

Well sadly to start out our move there was a lot of frustration and tears from me as well. (sure you can blame it on the pregnancy hormones but I feel like all were legit reasons to be upset ha!) Jesse had been now down in Vegas for about 2 months and we closed on our house and tried to coordinate a day with the moving company to come to have our stuff be picked up then delivered in Vegas as soon as possible after. We moved our move out day back a day so that our stuff wouldn't be in the moving truck as long. Jesse was going to drive back but I told him we might as well have him fly and we can all drive down together friday and then unpack everything in Vegas Saturday. So the moving company came Thursday morning and starting packing up our home--about half way through I was talking with the guy and it somehow came up that our stuff would now not be delivered till the next Thursday…..uh WHAT!?…my stuff is going to be in your truck for a whole week, excuse me that is not what we were told! and uh I only packed for 2-3 days worth of clothes and stuff!! AH! 
I had no idea what I was going to do at first…I knew I couldn't just sit in an empty house with Corbin for a full week (we would go insane) but Jesse had to get back down to Vegas for work and we planned it that we would drive back down together…this move was already emotional for me and this wasn't making it better! After letting them know I was very frustrated with the situation but there was nothing we could do at that point-we figured out I could still drive down with Jesse but then drive the 3 extra hours to California and hang out with my sister-and my mom and brother happen to be visiting as well!--hey that wasn't sounding so bad I guess.
Goodbye first home we bought together! :(
If there is one thing I learned from moving it is that you have to be flexible and things don't work out the way you plan. -originally we planned to move down to Vegas the 1st of April-that for sure didn't go through-then it was going to be the 10th but that happen to fall on the same days Jesse had an RV show and couldn't leave so we moved it back till the 16th-then the 17th--and then our stuff officially didn't get to Vegas till the 24th. Another thing I learned about moving is that it is expensive! Getting rid of things that won't fit/don't belong into your new home, needing to buy new things for the new house, getting health insurance in Nevada-ouch!, cleaning and selling our house (which we are just barely putting up for sale on Monday-two mortgages will be fun…), and the many other things.

But on a more positive note for the most part everything has gone smoothly-the house is basically unpacked-well its definitely livable..its now the garage stuff that we will hopefully get to sooner than later and organizing/decorating. I do love our new house-the outside desert look not so much haha-but the inside I really like. To be honest I feel spoiled! It is quite a bit bigger home than our last and a lot more open feeling. I was worried about storage space because in Las Vegas they don't have basements or attics-and we had a lot of stuff in our old house within the basement and garage! But there is actually a lot more storage within the house than I thought. The master bedroom and closet I am going to admit are huge! I only saw our house once before we bought it and I was a little nervous about how I was really going to like it but its really quite nice! And if I am going to be away from family now and with a husband that works crazy amount of hours than I better like being in my home I guess! ha! On that note, Jesse is enjoying work and is definitely way busy! I think he is great person for the job and is doing a good job with it! It is nice that we live 5-7 minutes away. Corbin knows Dad goes to "work" everyday and every time we drive towards his work Corbin says "Dad, Work"-it always surprises me how quickly he catches on and recognizes things and places!

So I am hoping and praying that everything goes smoothly and we enjoy it here because I'm stuck here for now! ha ;) Our neighborhood we live in seems nice-it is quiet and doesn't seem like many kids around but it does have plenty of parks and splash pads around for us! I better meet a few people in the next 6 weeks before I have this next baby because I don't know how much we will be getting out after that for a while-especially with the 110+ degree weather! So glad we have the church though to easily meet people!
That not even showing a whole closet... I'm afraid it might be a bad thing 1-I will know I have space to fill it and 2-it will be hard to go to a smaller closet again! oh but I will definitely enjoy it for now! :)

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  1. Your new house is so pretty! I can't wait to see everything put together! We miss you guys so much though!