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Gavin's Birth Story

I had been wanting my mom to be able to be here for this birth but moving to Vegas and not knowing when I'll go into labor (and not really wanting to be induced) I knew that there wasn't the best of chance that she would (she sadly missed Corbin's by just an hour--and only living an hour away at the time--so living a little over 6 hours away now I didn't know how that would work.) Well it was the week of my due date and Monday I went to the doctors and I was dilated at a 3-4 and about 75 effaced--which you can walk around weeks like that so it doesn't really mean a whole lot--but the week before I was at 2-3 and 75% effaced so I was progressing a bit and I was feeling more crampy some days. I really didn't want to go past my due date because who does? 
So I was getting anxious to know when he was going to come (what mom isn't I guess) so I decided to let him strip my membranes just to maybe get things going a bit but my doctor said it could either help me go into labor or just make me a bit uncomfortable. He said I could go into labor in the next 24 hours or in the next week its still unpredictable. 
So Monday night I guess I was getting a little more excited and knowing it was going to be soon. I was talking to my mom and we were trying to plan things about a bit. She could only really take 3 days off of work so we got thinking that maybe she should just take the chance and come down Wednesday through Saturday and hope and pray I go into labor while she is here. But then I was like what if I go into labor tomorrow and you miss it by just a day…?? that would be awful too! I know we were kinda being silly thinking I knew when I was going to go into labor-because I could go a week over my due date for all we knew? So we decided to have her drive down Tuesday and hope for the best.
Tuesday evening she got here and I felt like all the little cramping I was feeling went away and nothing was happening….it made me a bit nervous and discouraged. I didn't want her to come here and have nothing happen. So we ran a few errands that night I made the same dinner I made the night before I had Corbin that has an extra kick of spice to help ;) (I guess it's the dinner to eat before I want to go into labor) and made Jesse give me a foot rub…
Wednesday I woke up and not a whole lot my mom, Corbin, and I went on a walk together before it got too hot to help things along (they say walk yourself into labor). We came home and around 10:30is I want to say is when I felt a bit of cramping but not much. We got a little excited though-it was something! ha We needed to go into Jesse's work to sign papers for closing on our house in Kaysville. While driving there I felt another little something. So I decided to maybe start seeing if they were consistent and timing them a bit. It seemed like every 10 minutes I would feel something but one would be kinda painful and then the next it would just be a little uncomfortable so I felt like they were still inconsistent. We were driving the golf cart around the lot (because thats Corbin's favorite thing to do when we go into work) and I had another painful one while driving! We kinda laughed in our excitement and the fact that I was driving a golf cart around while having a contraction.
(I know lovely picture…but we were being goofy and had to remember the moment)

We went to lunch around 12:30 and at this point I felt like they were getting more consistent at 10 minutes apart and they were to the point that I had to stop what I was doing when I had one. We had to get dessert after and we went to this crepe place. Funny side story--the owner/chef of the crepe place was chatting with me about being pregnant and asked when I was due. I said this week but we are hoping for today or tomorrow if possible. He guess I was having a boy by the way I was carrying he could tell he said. And then he came up to me and starting touching/rubbing my belly (which thankfully that really doesn't bother me like some woman but I think he was the first stranger to ever do it to me) but as he was touching me I was having a contraction and he was like "whoa your belly is super hard right now!" I was like "Yeah….uh..Im kinda having a contraction right now!" He then told me he gets pregnant woman in there multiple times a day! and some even go straight to the hospital from there. I told him I hope I get could vibes from that then!
We came home around 2:00 and had I had a few contractions within 5 minutes of each other--then I thought ok these is getting serious. So I text my friend Kate to let her know I will probably be dropping off Corbin soon. But then right after they seemed to have gone away a bit. So I told Jesse to go run his few errands he needed to and I wanted to go shower for the day and at least start out a little clean and fresh and I really wanted Corbin to take a nap before we took him to Kate's house so he would be ok for her. Jesse was a bit hesitant to go but we had another car my mom and I could drive to the hospital and have him just meet us there if anything. I got ready and was uncomfortable but nothing seemed way painful. 
I came down and sat at the kitchen table with my mom and we were just talking and then BAM they were consistently 5 minutes apart or less for about 4-5 in a row. So we were back to OK we need to leave now!! I called Jesse and he was about 15 minutes away and he said just go to the hospital don't wait for him!! I told him I still had to drop Corbin off and then I would call him back and see if he was close. I woke Corbin up and took him over and Jesse was within minutes of our house so I told him we would meet him back at home and drive together. We picked Jesse up at 3:50 and had our about 30 minute drive to the hospital. Poor Jesse right as he got in the car I had a painful contraction and you could tell he was a bit scared! Both him and my mom were like Please don't have this baby in the car!! I think its so funny how you can just be chatting and the bang your in a ton of pain and then right after you just go back to chatting and feeling ok. On the way to the hospital Jesse was calling everyone at work and letting them know we were on our way to the hospital and he wouldn't be in to work.
We are thinking we got to the hospital around 4:20 and Jesse dropped me and my mom off and we walked up to the labor and delivery floor. They had me get into a gown and then monitor me. I feel like as soon as I got to the hospital my body must have known and it went from painful to excruciating pain as soon as we were there. I HATE being hooked up to the monitors-I swear thats what makes it worse! They checked me and I was at a 7. At this point I could tell me body was going to go pretty fast. I told them I was GBS+ which I am suppose to get antibiotics in before I deliver in 2 different doses 4 hours apart. There was no way that was going to happen. (It didn't happen with Corbin either)
--My mom wanted to take one last bump picture before I had him…it was kinda hard to look happy in this picture since the pain was getting worse--
They wheel me to the room where I am going to deliver and are trying to get things ready but the pain was only getting worse and more intense! At one point I thought I was going to throw up but then the next contraction I didn't know if I was going to throw up or my body was starting to push a little. They were trying to get an IV in me still at at this point I just told them why even try to get antibiotics in me--I am going to deliver soon. But they still wanted the IV in case of some emergency! There wasn't much time between each contraction so the nurse had to hurry which made for a messy IV. Jesse saw the huge needle and blood and at that point felt like he was going to pass out and had to go sit down. (which there really was a good amount of blood running down my arm) But I was enjoying him stroking my hair when I was in pain--so I appreciate the comfort he gave me because I know its hard for him to see me like that.
We could tell the nurse was pretty nervous as my body started pushing by itself a bit--the best way I can describe it is once your body starts throwing up you really can't stop it and you dry heave even when you don't want to--well basically once your body starts doing its thing you can't stop it from pushing but you can definitely help the push and push harder--if that makes sense. My water broke/gushed all over the floor--TMI? the nurses grabbed a bunch of towels and were trying to clean it up. They called the on-call doctor at this hospital-My doctor was actually out of town (my doctor with Corbin was too!) and his assistant was in surgery but at this point I think close to being on his way to come help deliver. 
As soon as the on called doctor came to the room we basically started actively pushing. I definitely had to push a lot more with Gavin. Ill admit with Corbin it was only a few pushes and he was out…Gavin got a little stuck so I felt like we were pushing for quite a while. I feel like I was able to stay pretty focus and calm in between contractions/pushing and rest for those like 30 seconds--but I really was trying to catch my breath in between. I got a little discouraged thinking I was doing something wrong when he wasn't coming out right away. I definitely have a little more understanding for those women who have to push for a long time--I don't know exactly how long I was but I would say close to 20 minutes maybe? I know some people would say thats not long but it sure seemed like it! I can say I was pretty tired once he was out! and so happy that he is here! :)
Gavin Edward Jensen was born at 5:31 pm. 7 lbs 7 oz. 19 1/2 inches
Corbin meeting his baby brother!

Corbin finally zonked out on a very long walk with my mom around the hospital--my mom ended up having to carry him back a long ways with him sleeping on her!
Getting ready to go home as a family of 4! yah! (I hate being in the hospital!)
First car ride home--he seems to do ok in the car seat so far!
The after pains were a lot worse this time as far as cramping when breastfeeding. That night there was one time where I basically just cried because it felt like I was in labor again it was hurting so bad. It hurt basically every time I fed him for the first few days--it gets exhausting but I knew it would get better! The cramping pains and breastfeeding pains were bad until about Sunday then I felt much better. Sadly that is the day my Mom had to leave--thankfully I had someone here the whole time to help while it was the worse though. Corbin needs a lot of attention and how grateful I am to have my Mom here to give him all that!! Now I week later I am feeling great for the most part and feel pretty blessed to be able to feel pretty "normal"!
--My mom had the idea for me to put the same clothes back on and take a picture with the baby-like I said the human body can do amazing things!! so crazy to think he was inside on me just 24 hours ago from these two pictures--

My mom was so good and stayed the night with me in the hospital and Jesse was able to go home and be with Corbin. We joked that she was good to stay with me because she slept through everything! I didn't have to feel bad about waking her up and not getting good sleep--knowing that Jesse is the lightest sleeper he would have gotten no sleep at all there with me! But there were times in the night when she was sleeping right next to me and I would call for her and no reply. So she told me maybe try waking her up using her name "kim" instead of "mom"--neither one worked, she was out! But like I said I actually appreciated that she slept through everything so I didn't feel bad about another person not getting sleep as well!
So happy my mom could be here with us! She was so good to entertain Corbin and let him boss her around! We so wished we lived closer!…(this is what makes living away hard!) But will take any time we get! :)
Corbin needs a lot of attention (thats not new)…and we are going stir crazy staying at home (and its only been a week)! It is too hot to just go to the park but we are going to need to get our selves out more! Thankfully we have Grandma Jensen coming and then Aunt Brooke and Aunt Megan with there kids next week so we can be entertained!

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  1. Such a wonderful birth story! I'm glad everything went so smoothly and your mom made it this time!