Friday, September 19, 2014

Gavin is 3 months.

Gavin is 3 months now! Wow crazy!-like I said we have been on the go this summer so time is going by fast I feel like. Plus I keep telling everyone I feel like I kinda got ripped off with having a newborn. He was a newborn for like a 2 weeks and then became a baby and like most people know he is a chunky one!  But I can't complain newborns don't sleep nearly as long at night so I appreciate him being able to sleep pretty well for me. I feed him once during the night and thats so doable without being exhausted! I guess that precious newborn "new" baby look is what I feel like I didn't have much of! and that fact that my sister had her baby this last bit and I am dying to see little Vince isn't helping haha but he's a cute chunky one now I think. But seriously in some pictures he can look so big and goofy! haha His neck is definitely disappearing even more….
Gavin is still pleasant for the most part. I love how he is smiling a ton and has giggled a few times but most of the time its a silent giggle. He does give us the blank stare or scowl still a lot. He does have his rough times but most babies do! He reflux is still crazy and now has caused him to get a little congested from all the spit up. His nose constantly has "snot" because of the spit up coming up-it makes me feel so bad for him and now he sounds like he has an awful cough as well but its just from the congestion. I also finally got rid of his cradle cap-it was getting kinda bad. But I was able to find some oils to clear it right up but some days you can tell it wants to make a come back.
He loves his face covered when he sleeps and will purposely take the blanket and cover it sometimes. When I am rocking him he turns his head almost upside down so that his face is completely barried in my arm. He loves to suck and is now shoving his fist or fingers into his mouth constantly when he is awake and doesn't have a binky in. He likes his binky but doesn't have to have it to sleep but it definitely helps him to.
I bought a new swing a while back and it has been the best thing ever for him. Jesse's brother gave us one but it didn't really actually swing so someone was selling one for cheap and it was the one that can swing either way-so much better swinging side to side inside of front to back. He sleeps so well in it and I can get things done and not have to constantly carry him! I hope it continues…
I love how he lights up when I come and talk to him and is interacting more. He jabbers back a ton and of course I think its the cutest sounds. I love at night when Jesse is putting Corbin down (cause Corbin is always needed my attention) I can just sit and have my time with him and he just "talks" and smiles at me! 
he looks really thrilled to be wrapped up-but he slept so much better with it. Sadly he is too big for it now and always unwraps himself from the swaddle blanket.
this is how is has to be held while being rocked.
seeing how far his fist can get in..
And this is what happens when I try to take pictures of him….lovely spit up..
or his hand is his mouth...

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