Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bear Lake Weekend

Jesse's family planned a family vacation up to the cabin at Bear Lake-all the siblings were able to be there so the whole family was able to be together! (which of course is getting harder as we are in different states and the kids are getting older) We had planned to hang out at the beach and go jet skiing but the weather was a bit chilly so we didn't end up even going down to the beach sadly. (so we went swimming at the pool when we got back to the Jensen's house!) But the kids were very happy playing outside since the weather was very pleasant for that! Corbin found a grass hopper one day and thought it was really cool until it jumped on him! He's always intrigued with bugs till they get a little too close! ha! Corbin was obsessed with the side by sides and just wanted to being riding the "jeeps" all day long or at least just be sitting on them. It was a very relaxing and lazy weekend eating junk food and shakes--which isn't so relaxing on the stomach….
It was so nice just to get to spend time with Jesse and the whole family!
We flew out to Utah on Jesse birthday and got there late but still had cake and ice cream for Brooke and Jesse's birthday. On the way back we took a late flight too and we got lucky and the plane wasn't even half full so Corbin was able to just lay down on two seats and sleep and I was able to take Gavin in his car seat! love when that happens! :)

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