Monday, May 7, 2012

Week Off!

Well, my lack of updating lately has not been because I went into labor-but that could be the case real soon?? Now that May is here it sure is more real that our baby is coming to meet us really soon! (just about 37 weeks now) Crazy and Exciting! :)There is a lot of things 'up in the air' around here and we don't quite know how things are going to be. Like first of course when our baby is going to decide to come, also where and when we are going to move exactly in the next month, and what Jesse will be doing for a job come June-ish. But we know it will all work out and I am not too worried about all that anymore (anymore being the key word). Just take it as it comes!

So anyways the reason for my small break is because Jesse had a week off of school and we wanted to relax and enjoy it before he starts these last 4 weeks of school every day for him. FOUR more weeks and then he his finished with his Masters! Yah! :)
We hung out in Kaysville for half the week and spent some time with the family. We also went golfing-Jesse has been wanting to go for a while now-keeping the golf clubs in the back of the car when the opportunity arose. We just went to the driving range and the putting green.
I also have been wanting to go hiking since the weather has been off and on warming up. I know I couldn't handle climbing up a mountain right now-I would be huffing and puffing right away. But we went and walked/hiked the Vita Course up in Fruit Heights.
Then we decided for the weekend we might as well go up to the cabin in Bear Lake and relax a mini vacation-the last one we can have before baby boy Jensen comes. Some of my family came up for a bit as well to have a little get-a-away and take pictures for my sister Candace and Curtis engagements. They are getting married in June! We have too much fun taking pictures...very attractive I know!
And yes..I went four wheeling at just about 37 weeks pregnant. And I might have almost tipped the side by side as well. It was quite muddy but we had fun!
Brother Matt and Mom
Curtis and Candace
It was a quite chilly when we got to the top.
We also rode the bikes down to the park...which was a bad idea for me. That was harder on me then going four wheeling-I dont know what I was thinking..very uncomfortable with a big belly. But yet I had a good time.
And we can't forget our little mini fiesta we had for Cinco De Mayo! Jesse and I went to the Mexican market and got mexican meat...couldn't tell you exactly what it was but it was good! :) We made tacos and finished the night watching Nacho Libre!
Now back to school for Jesse. I have been babysitting occasionally as well which has been good. And we will be slowly packing up our stuff this last month and getting what we can ready!

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