Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What to do?

So, I am officially kinda bored I must admit. I don't know what to do with myself right now. But I know I am suppose to enjoy this time to relax and that is exactly what I am doing! :) I basically lay around all day long-I know very productive! I make sure our apartment is clean...even though it can't look clean because of the boxes and stuff we have laying around waiting to pack this place up. Jesse says we can't do much to pack until basically the day we are moving which is going to be June 1-2. So I feel like our place will kinda be a mess till then. I probably should be doing something to be more prepared for our baby and moving but I just don't know right now?? I part of me feels that if I go walk and do things I could probably get this baby out a little sooner (I am dilated to a 2, 90% effaced-but that doesn't really mean a whole lot to predict when) but I am trying to make it convenient for Jesse so he doesn't miss class. ha :)
 I will take any suggestions of what I should do right now...I know someone has some good advice for me! I got a pedicure with my mom last weekend and Jesse and I went with some friends (who are also pregnant) to see the movie 'What to Expect When your Expecting'...Yes, I felt slightly dumb walking in to the movie 39 weeks pregnant. so pretty much I am ready right? ha!
So our lives are going to change quite a bit in these next couple weeks with a baby, moving, and a new full time busy job for Jesse (Big boy world now). We are excited!..well I hope Jesse is not too stressed! :) He sure does work hard for our little family!

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  1. Just enjoy it! Life with a newborn is still pretty easy-- although you might be sleep deprived, you can still go see movies, go to dinner, go shopping ,etc... because they just sleep right through it in their little car seats! Do whatever you want! And with both of my babies I tried all sorts of stuff to get labor to start... all it did was start a few hours of painful contractions, then they went away. Your body will go into labor when it's ready! (Or when they Dr. starts that Pitocin! haha...) Good Luck!!

    My mom was saying she went to your shower! Sad I missed it! We'll have to get together when I'm in town in just a couple weeks! So excited for you Marissa! Can you believe we're old enough to be mom's now? ... I still feel like I'm 12. See you soon, and good luck!