Tuesday, May 15, 2012

38 Weeks

Random fact thanks to my blog timelines: 
Been married 2 years 2 months and 2 days...and Baby Jensen is due in 2 weeks!
38 weeks pregnant...basically that means our baby could come anytime. We are basically ready...well as ready as we are going to get I guess. I still am feeling pretty well for the most part. Had a little bit of swelling this last week and definitely have days where I feel quite frumpy. We prefer for him not to come this week because my doctor is out of town...but I would like him by the end of May for sure..please! :) We keep telling our little one May 25th would be great! I planned it all out that by that Friday evening (May 25th) I will be ready and within a couple hours of being at the hospital have our baby and then be out by Saturday evening, then we would have Sunday and Monday all together..then Jesse finishes his last week of school and then we move. Ha ha I know it's quite laughable. And I know I can't plan any of it out...and I will definitely need to be flexible. Now let's just see how it all works out! :)

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  1. haha, I'll have to text you what put me into labor, maybe it will work for you ;)