Friday, August 30, 2013

County Fairs.

The good ol' fair. Well, I must say I think the state fair is a little better than just the Davis county fair and Weber County fair. Last year was my first year to the fair and we loved it at the State fair...county fairs just don't compare I guess. But we still have fun going of course. We went on Jesse's day off and man it was HOT! We looked at the animals, kids played a game, ate lunch and we were done for the day! ha...not really for the day because the night we went back with our friends..and basically just ate a bunch of food and hung out. But thats what you do at the fair right!? ha! We didn't ride the elephants... I know how often to you get that chance? well I couldn't get myself to pay $16 (For Corbin and I) to have the elephant walk in a small circle and thats it. I told Jesse he has to take me to Thailand someday and we will ride the elephants some other place like that but I really want to go to Thailand someday! :)
Corbin really loved all the animals!
Please notice my gangsta drivin son..
just like one of them..
Classic..."say cheese" picture
Don't know why is wanted to eat all the sour cream..but it made a mess.
and If I didn't already have enough fair time I decided to go back again with my sister...I figured it free fun for Corbin.
He was intrigued with the camel.
He decided to cool off by the fan with the other animals.
and we had to catch another ride on the ghetto fair rides.
The fair will be a good little tradition each year! :)

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