Monday, December 30, 2013

Bitter-Sweet Love/Hate

A few things lately that I guess I can say I have a little love/hate relationship with. Of course first on my mind is my pregnancy. I must say I feel great for the most part-energy is still low some days but I am blaming that more on all the sugar I have been eating. So I love the 2nd trimester since overall I tend to feel better but I hate it because I am in the frumpy stage. Ugh. Once again holiday eating does not help my love handles that are growing at a freakishly fast rate. Most pregnant women have to go through this stage of just looking fat--well its kinda depressing for me right now. I am pretty extra hard on myself knowing that I could have been eating better.
Another little love/hate relationship is Corbin's love for the t.v. I didn't want him to be a child who watches a lot of movies or t.v. I really like to try to limit how much he watches knowing its not the best activity for him to be doing. But lately he has really learned to love watching movies (since we really don't have t.v.) I must say I think its kinda cute that he gets so excited to watch something-his favorite right now is the movie "Cars" he seriously could watch it everyday. And if we are at Grandma/pa Jensens he wants to watch "mouse" which is Mickey Mouse. I usually can distract him at home and start playing with toys or do something else and he forgets about it but some days he is persistent. But really he starts playing with his toys and doesn't just sit and watch the movie and do nothing else for too long. And again it is really nice if he can just sit down and be distracted and I can get a few things done-I just can't let him for too long cause I start to feel guilty. Gotta love how moms can be hard on ourselves for certain things.
Lastly...another bitter sweet thing happening...well Jesse has been wanting to get a new car-especially since we are having a second child. I haven't been in a rush and am really having a hard time thinking about saying goodbye to the tacoma. :( but the time has come. My sister was selling her Acadia-which Jesse has always love that car. Knowing its coming from my sister and we know how they treated their car it was a good opportunity to "upgrade" to a more family friendly car. I know I will appreciate and love the car-my sister had a hard time saying goodbye to it-I know it will be an easier and better car for having two kids I just love my truck. Goodbye Tacoma-you will be missed. Hello Acadia-which has much better upgrades I must add.

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  1. Whenever I feel guilty about the amount of screen time Max is having I try to make myself feel better by thinking how Candace sat in front of the TV for most her childhood. I would say she's the smartest sibing, so our kids should turn out ok.
    Enjoy the upgrades of your new car. I'm still in denial it's gone. I don't think reality will hit me until I start driving the Maxima. I hope you love it as much as I did!