Saturday, December 7, 2013

Baby Jesus

A month or so ago I tried to teach Corbin who Jesus was with the pictures in our house and a statue. When I first taught him who Jesus was he thought any bearded man was basically Jesus but I think he now knows a little better. When we go to church and walking through the halls he will point to the different pictures hanging up and say "Jesus!" We also have a little childrens bible book..and he only likes to read the page with Jesus on it.  I know I can't really teach him much about Him at this age but I am happy that he can recognize Him and have interest in Him. Now the last couple days he has really liked the Little People Nativity set we have. But he is mostly obsessed with little baby Jesus. He was anxious to get out of bed this morning-as he usually is to hurry and go down stairs and eat. (he takes after me-I have to eat basically right when I get up) but today he skipped the kitchen and said "Jesus!" "baby" and pointed to the Nativity. The first thing he wanted to do was go play with baby Jesus! Proud mama here!

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