Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jesse's birthday and an update of the little one

It was Jesse's Golden Birthday this year. He turned 28 on the 28th of August. I wanted to do something special for have a surprise party or something like that-but since his birthday was on a Wednesday and most people work it didn't work I tried to just get some friends to go to dinner with us and kinda of surprise him with that...but he wasn't surprised because between me and his mom we gave it away-oh well...not that it was a big deal. I am never good at surprises or gifts-good thing he doesn't care too much about either. We had a relaxing day together, went out to lunch together, went to boondocks and went mini golfing and played some arcades. We made a bet with whoever won mini golf-if I won he would have to help me with dishes for a week (I was being nice and said help me), his was I had to give him a back scratch/tickle every night for a week. haha totally a classic husband and wife bet right!? Well we ended up kind of in a tie so neither one of the bets have completely started yet.. We went to the Mandarin for dinner and I tried to have people come over for cake and ice cream but once again its too hard on a he brought the many leftovers to work and they were gone fast! 
slightly ghetto taking his shirt off at lunch..but Dad dressed him in a nice white collard shirt.
I was kicking his butt till about hole 6 and then I went down hill fast.
we purposely put one of ours balls down the right hole so we could see the fire go off...and he still didn't. Slightly disappointed.
On to the little update...well I don't know if its the best time to do an update because oh boy has it been a rough week. I am hoping it will not last because he is exhausting me. I am thinking he is teething and getting those lovely molars in-at least I am hoping to blame for his constant screaming at me! He can seriously be such a fun kid-so goofy and crazy but goodness when he doesn't get what he wants lately he lets everyone know. haha But I think that he has most kids are..I am not fond of the hitting and screaming stage. We had to leave church because he was screaming so loud and would not my bishop walks by and just smiles because all the other older parents have been there before he says. I asked one lady why we don't get warned about this more...and she said thats because if we were told how hard kids really are to raise then we just wouldn't have any... Pray that it gets better. I do still want more kids though.. :)
In the last month or so he went from walking a little unsteady still to almost being able to run-he can get away pretty fast now. I love to watch such a little person walk-so cute! He does walk like a drunk person when he is tired though. 
We can definitely tell that he is getting really smart. He has a pretty good memory. He loves to read books and do some animal noises-especially dog. He doesn't say a whole lot right now...we are working on that. Definitely understands a lot more but is lazy with actually saying things. He is consistent with Mama, Dada, ball, and please. He has said other things and I feel like this next little while he will catch on even quicker. He says "please" all. day. long. Which I must say is adorable but that word has been a blessing and a curse. I am glad I taught him but its so hard to say no to things when he says it in his cute little voice...I get frustrated sometimes. Another thing that is a blessing and a curse is his little toy car he can ride in. That is his favorite toy. He absolutely loves to go in rides in it every day. I still can only go around the block so many times in the middle of the day when it is so hot outside. I love that it can entertain him-especially if it gives me that at least 5 minutes of him not screaming at me..ha but when he begs to go on walks all day long I just can't. The worse is when I let him go in the garage and he goes and sits on it while I am still in the kitchen and I hear his little voice out there saying "please....please..." If that doesn't make you feel bad..
He waves goodbye and sometimes will blow kisses. I love when he will play by himself for a while and go around the house with his cars and make car noises. He loves shoes and there are always shoes laying around the house from him. But I must say he loves food more than anything. Constantly wanting to eat. I question if I feed him enough because he is always asking for food. He signs to eat first thing in the morning as we get him out of his crib. He still loves fruit-or anything sweet. I don't really understand his new thing lately about liking to eat food off the floor with just his mouth...yes like a dog. He does it with food and water-and purposely will pour the water out or put the food on the floor and then eat it...slightly embarrassing when he did it at church.
He is usually taking 2 naps a day still and thats how I like it for now. He definitely still needs two naps because he gets too tired and wont just take one long nap. Its hard to know for sure what times and sometimes he refuses a nap and just plays in his crib. It does make it hard to sometimes run errands but I like the 2 separate breaks to get things done or at least relax.
easiest way when he insist on feeding himself and gets frustrated with the spoon.
trying to find ways to have him eat a variety of food rather than just fruit.
will eat grapes all day if I allowed it.
attitude with the smoothie mustache.
also takes chucks out of his would think I had a dog
loved playing in his cardboard hut.
he absolutely loves his Dad..and as of right now definitely chooses him over mom-probably cause he doesn't get to see him very often right now.
But then again he is getting more attached to me as well...wont go to other people as easily...of course they have to before nursery age right?
a runaway during diaper time...thats why I usually change him still on the changing table. but it was adorable watching him stack Daddy's shoes on the bed with no pants on.
I am kind of obsessed with little boys in there cute jammies..Corbin doesn't get dressed sometimes till really late in the day.
Enjoyed a little FHE walking to Bowmans and getting a snow cone.

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  1. When Max was Corbin's age he use to eat chunks out of anything he could. Just the stage I guess.

    I say go on a million walks a day! Before long you won't be able to go on any walks a day- boo to winter. You'll learn to love McDonald's play place this winter :)