Thursday, February 3, 2011

National Carrot Cake Day

Yes, February 3 is National Carrot Cake day! 

And I decided to celebrate it! And I am pretty sure Jesse didn't mind! Or my Mom and sister 

who came over to enjoy the cake!

-Well anything I can find to distract me from studying for a test...I can do assignments for school but when it comes to studying for test I have THE hardest time!-

Go ahead, go google it! National Carrot Cake day.

Today is the starting of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit as well.

Carrot cake of course has carrots in it which are good for you...I just wish that made the cake healthy.

So maybe its not a huge holiday but its a good reason to celebrate something today!
I wanted to decorate it a little bit to make it look nice.
When Jesse came home I told him I wish I could of made cool carrots. Thanks to Jesse and his artistic skills (and maybe his love for watching the food channel) he did the carrots to make the cake look even better! :)

Tomorrow I am hoping to make homemade soup. Yes tomorrow is National homemade soup day! (Trust me I won't keep this up, its just fun for now.)


  1. First- Wow you have updated your blog all fancy. I want to know what you used to make your header.

    Second- Um, why didn't you invite me to your Carrot Cake party?! Save me a piece because I'll be down tomorrow :)

    Third- I also didn't get the memo about National Homemade Soup day because I made it a day early- oops. It was really tasty nonetheless.

    Last- Those are some awesome carrots on the cake! Way to go Jesse. Can I assign you to decorate my Dad's cake for his Birthday Party next week?

  2. Ha! This is so fun! My husband won't eat carrot cake. Or soup either really, so I will have to live vicariously through you on these two holidays. :)