Saturday, August 25, 2012


Thursdays are probably my new favorite day..for now at least. Thursdays are Jesse's day off from work! It's no fun that Jesse has to work every Saturday but we at least get Thursdays every week to spend together. I usually make him help me get things done..but this last one we had a good fun day-we woke up and did an exercise video together-which we are both now walking funny from because it killed us and made us quite sore! I always love and hate a good work out! We then went over had had a quick little swim at his parent's house before we headed up four wheeling. Jesse and I have been wanting to go up to Ben Lomond Peak in Ogden. We have thought about hiking it but found out its quite the all day hike and with Corbin that would be a little difficult right four wheeling it was with Corbin! We actually ended up going to the top of Willard Peak. It was such a beautiful ride and an amazing view from the very top! So I took a bunch of pictures of course!
Ben Lomond Peak
If you ever wanted to know what Willard Bay looks like from above..
Lacie and Jamie (cousins)
Grandpa Jensen and Corbin
Macie and Chris
Just some Mountain goats hanging out
Thank you Grandpa Jensen for taking us! Corbin enjoyed it...well it puts him right to sleep to ride on the four wheeler so I'll take that as very relaxing and enjoyable! :)

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